SSF4 Arcade Edition 2012 complete Gouken


• Running Palm (Senkugoshoha) - Expanded light version’s hitbox forward. Changed medium version’s characteristics to match SSF4’s light version. Changed hard version’s characteristics to match SSF4’s medium version.

[LEFT]• Crouching hard Punch - Lengthened hit stun by 1F.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]• Ultra 2 - Denjin Hadoken - Made fireball speed variable by 3 steps by shaking (rotating) the stick before start of hit detection. Increased final damage by 45 for all charge levels. Unified charge time required to launch all versions of attack, regardless of Ultra Meter level.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]• Counter (Kongoshin) - Expanded counter hitbox for medium and hard versions. Set stun to 200 for all versions.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]• Near Standing Medium Kick - Fixed issue whereby simultaneous near standing medium kicks in Gouken-Gouken attacks would miss each other.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]• Sakotsukudaki (Toward + MP, Overhead) - Expanded hitbox downward. Changed hitbox active period from 2F to 4F. Shrunk hurtbox on upper arm. Aligned hit stop time with length of hard attack.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]• Near Standing hard Kick - Changed first hit active period from 2F to 5F.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]• Super - Forbidden Shoryuken - Changed startup from 11F to 3F.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]• Far Standing Medium Punch - Made Special Move cancelable. Lengthened hit stun by 1F, giving the attacker a possible +5F advantage on a hit.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]• Far Standing hard Punch - Changed hitbox active period from 3F to 5F. [/LEFT]

All I want to know if his shortcut bug is gone yet. It’s a better Gouken, so I’ll still play him and love him as I always have.

[LEFT]I think Gouken will move up in tiers for sure, no doubt about that, but it’s hard to say how far he’ll go at the moment. Either way, I think he’ll rise in tiers more because of other people’s nerfs rather than his own buffs.The Denjin buff still seems like a wildcard to me. No amount of theorycrafting and speculating can accurately predict how that will actually play out. I’m hoping it will lead to some crazy mind games, even off of like a fullscreen raw ultra lol.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Also, is it just me or has Gouken been in the limelight lately? I think the whole community, not just us, wants him to be a good character and the attention he’s been getting lately is a sign of that. I’m hoping to see a refined verrsion of the old man in SFxT.[/LEFT]

Shortcut bug?

:f: :b: :f: :p: does counter

Others’ nerfs? Fei, Viper, Yun and Yang? They were the only ones nerfed…and everyone else got their matchups against them better too.
He’s moving up… by his own buffs.

Hey, (I think) the dev blog says that arcades will get the balance updates this Friday. Does anyone live near an arcade to test?

I’m not even sure that non japanese arcades are getting the balance patch on that date if ever.

Sunnyvale Golf Land,

I’m really looking forward to the new Denjin. Does anyone know how the current charge times compare to the original SSFIV frame data?

Kriger, can you easily link ex palm?

Which attack level you get depends on how long you hold the move, and is not related to the Ultra Combo gauge amount. The specific frames are:
[LEFT]Level 1 – 13 frames[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Level 2 – 17 frames[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Level 3 – 37 frames[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Level 4 – 57 frames[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Level 5 – 80 frames[/LEFT]

Edit: Current numbers

[LEFT]Level 1 – 13 frames[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Level 2 – 17 frames[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Level 3 – 32 frames[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Level 4 – 47 frames[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Level 5 – 65 frames[/LEFT]

More specifically - for level 2 you have to charge for 3 frames in addition to 14 frames of 'startup", level 3 is an 18 frame charge with 14 frame “startup”, and level 4 is 33 frame charge with 14 frame “startup”.

What I mean by start up is, when you let go of charging, that’s how long it will take for the fireball to appear on the screen

On a side note, super has 12 frames of invincibility now and 9 of start up. Did that also change with the start up being 3 frames on 2012? Hidden nerf?

Super has 11 frames of startup right now, with 12 frames of invincibility

I will bet my life that super does not retain 12 frames of invincibility while going down to 3 frames of active.

At best, I’d hope for 5/3.

I’d go with your guess. If it did it would be lovely. Ex like an shoryuken for 4 bars lol

With a 3 frame super, it becomes more viable. I would think it would make his normal attacks more feared when he has full bar kind of like Honda or Gen with full super bar. Getting tagged with a normal now becomes much more scary.

if I won the first round, I often save bar on the second round just to see if I can score that counter xx super on the third round. The fact that it does almost half bar makes them really scared of throwing out shit. this should be extremely improved now.

Add that to the fact that you get that safe jump after super to get one ex bar(ex counter and aa ex tatsu) back, we have a really cool thing to look up to.

I don’t know if I would save a bar for that, but it basically changes the dynamic of a match when you have it stocked. People are aware of Back throw into Ultra so they are aware of it when you have it stocked. It’s a similar principle but it applies to the majority of his normals now. I think the Honda/Gen example is a good one.

Don’t count on it to score anything, it’s nice if you do, but it makes your opponent have to respect your normals even more.

I could see it actually being really scary to fight a Gouken with Ultra 1/Ultra 2 stocked at any level and a Full super in v2012…

GFlip Parry > Super is going to be so fucking AWESOME.

A lot of people really sleep on the fact that Gouken gets to jump in for FREE in A LOT of situations with the correct use of GFlip Parry.

Dude, some characters suffer a LOT because of that. Not to mention the situations where you just use it to cross up a la akuma’s df palm