SSF4 Arcade Edition PC port - In my opinion it is quite likely


This is just my opinion and I would love to hear what others’ take on this is.

So as most of us know SSF4 AE is out now, We got SSF4 AE as well here in our city as well and it’s populating arcades specially peak hour.

I don’t know if alot of you knew that Blaz Blue: Continum Shift is Arcade and PS3 only, however there is a working PC port of the game. I don’t know how exactly they did it but as far as I know they managed to copy the actual arcade board of the game and the emulated it to PC.
Now I don’t know what the conditions of the port was but as far as i am aware it doesnt support online play obviously and some people told me there were INPUT lags. Again correct me if i got it wrong.

Now BBCS in the western world may be quite popular but if sum1 was to ask me the amount of players BBCS has and how many players SSF4 has i would guess a ratio of 1:5 or maybe much bigger.

Now I dont know who were responsible for the port (im sorry for posting without enough information) but I am assuming they might be able to do it again for SSF4 AE.

If that happened I think alot of people will catch on to it and download the hell out of it for practice mode or casuals at home. And if it is stable enough you can even run a local hush hush tournament. No one is gona come and arrest you for it.

And if that happens I think CAPCOM will be forced to release a PC version or at the very least release the DLC ahead of schedule (if its not released yet) to get all the sales while they can before the Pirated Version is downloaded the hell out of.

IMO great news for PC users.

Now if anyone can share more information with the BBCS PC port. If it was horrible? if it was a one time thing because of the certain software/hardware used for the board?

Also If anyone can remember if there was a SF4 PC port (hacked from the arcade board) before the official copy of SF4 PC was released?

I’d love to hear what you guys think about this and what you would like to happen. Because I love this game so much but if their going to be only in the Arcades for more than 6 months and there is still no DLC. I will most definitely get a hacked/emulated version of it for the PC even if there is one. Then ill just buy the game when its official for online play.


This is good and bad, Good because everyone would get a chance to Play AE and practice and stuff, YES maybe capcom would consider PC port

BAD, Major Terms violation BIG, A good ass PC would be needed to run it will, Youd have to be HELLA HUSH HUSH

I love the idea personally.


so basically you are asking about piracy on this thread, huh
its against the rules, plus there is a BIG SF4 section to post the sf4 related threads