SSF4 Arcade Edition PC sound problem

has anyone experienced any sound problems? anybody know any solutions on how to fix this problem?


What kind of sound problems? Have you tried updating the driver for your sound card?

it’s actually my friend whos having the issue, he’s updated everything, tried compatabilty modes and all sorts of stuff and his sound doesnt work at all


I have an issue that the damn game is loud as hell, any fix on that? lol

cant you just go to options and turn it down? LOL

It’s still outrageously loud even when its down to 1 bar :frowning:

go to your mixer and turn down the sound

When I start the game there is sound but when I get into the main menu, there is none. The suggestions I have found online are to lower hardware acceleration and update driver, both of which I have done to no effect.

Anyone got any other suggestions?



I’m running XP with realtek sound card. I emailed Capcom and they told me to lower the audio to either 24bit 48000HZ or 16bit 44100HZ. The only thing I know how to is to lower audio acceleration and sample rate which have not worked. There is no option on the realtek audio manager to lower the rate. Is there any way to do it in XP?

Just can’t understand why the movies have sound but not the game.