[SSF4] Backdash properties



Just wondering about backdash properties. I used to play Honda in Vanilla so rarely use it but now that i’ve switched to a faster character, I want to clarify its actual properties.

I know there are invincibility frames associated with it. Is this on startup or is it when you are dashing/in the air?


Backdashes have 6-8 invincibility frames depending on your character. The invincibility is at the beginning of the backdash. Usually it’ll cover a few frames of when your character is in the air.


Dash info here. All except 3 characters have 8 frames of invul on their backdash, one has 6 (Cammy), two have 7(El Fuerte, Dudley). The invlul frames are at the start. The airborne frames usually start just after the invul frames stop, although around ten characters have one grounded vulnerable frame just between the two states.


Thanks for the replies,

So just wondering, if there is 8 frames of invincibility, why does meaty attacks i use (usu have 2 active frames) beat out wakeup backdash?


It means that either they have more than 8 active frames, or you aren’t getting reversal timing on the backdash.


So…that means the first frame of the backdash is not invincible? Thus if i get my “reversal timing” that means i hit them?

Is that what you mean by reversal timing?


first frame of backdash is invincible. not getting reversal timing means the other guy is doing his backdash too late (like when he could do a special and it would say reversal)