SSF4-Best char to destroy hope

Hey, lookin’ at switching mains in SSF4 and looking for a bit of advice… realize character picking threads are sort of frowned on, so I’m going to phrase this a little differently:

Which character would you consider the best at utterly crushing the happiness and fun of the opponent? Whether through inane shenanigans, amazing zoning, or something different. Which character is the best at instigating a noir monologue about the utter folly of the concept of joy?

Any character that can consistently lame out and/or win off of a guess. Id say that Abel is overall the most disheartening character to play against. Unlike other characters, Abel’s cheese can be applied in any match. Just mix the opponent up and go to town with a series of nasty resets or a 50%+ combo with ultra. Abel only needs a few lucky guesses to steal a win from any character.

meh, same could be said with most rushdown characters, abel just might be a little easier for beginners, but if you play an akuma that knows the vortex thats a real confidence killer, dhalsims keep away game, really makes people mad, or play hakan and after a round of him whooping you your heart is shattered :stuck_out_tongue:

agreed. Any good Akuma or Ibuki that knows the vortex really well will wreck your shit.


Zangief or Dhalsim… people specially get mad when they get zoned by Dhalsim and dont know how to get around that…

Fuerte makes people mad.

Zangief because he can wake up and 360 you.
Dhalsim if you can’t find a way past his stretchy arms.
Abel because he can roll and pass through you and mess you up if you don’t see it coming.

Every charecter has there strengths that can make anyone feel like “omg I can’t beleive it” but to me Dhalsim is worst.

Balrog. I don’t even see how the person playing him is having any fun.

dhalsim or sagat/gief

So salty :razzy:

So pretty much you are looking at most annoying character. These would probably be in my opinion.

1)Dhalsim (A good one will want to make you tear your hair out)
2)Blanka (IMO the lamest character in the game has alot of shennanigans with hops to throw | hop U1 | crossup meaty ball. I rank him number 2 though because his ability to make comebacks is not very good.)
3)Gief (This one is strictly because of the way you have to play against him)
4)Boxer (that jab gets on my nerves and once he gets a sizable life lead it’s pretty much over)
5)Fuerte (not that bad but if you don’t know the fight >_<)

A little bit :slight_smile: It is just such a boring affair playing him 90% of the time regardless of player skill level, them handing me my ass or me kicking theirs, and everything in between. Perfectly embodies this “Which character would you consider the best at utterly crushing the happiness and fun of the opponent?” whether I win or lose, although this past week I’ve had a number of enjoyable matches…

I played a run away seth yesterday that really pissed me off. But then again he was crap, and didn’t know anything about seth other than running away, so once I figured that out, I wasn’t so much hopeless as annoyed that I had to chase him all over the screen to beat him… Still, a good seth that can either run away effectively OR stun and kill you at will with obscene combos is very disheartening.

I don’t think you should be expecting to destroy the hope of anyone if you are posting in the NSD.

Plus you’ll get a million answers to this cause everyone has different matchups that bother them.

Since I am a Bison player, any time I see the opponent select Guile makes me want to cry.

Seconding this one.

Sagat. He’s heavy zoning and AA, people will swear, send hate mail, and boot you if you can fireball spam (err…zone…) ok. I’ve had kens drop after the 5th DPed jumpin in a row.

I’m not even good, I’m still getting used to a stick. They still get pissed when they finally catch you, you knockdown and then run to the other side of the screen.

Okay, how come nobody mentioned Dan?

Because losing to Dan makes me laugh and want to send props almost every time. I tend to taunt a lot when I fight Dan’s online, it’s great.

…but even losing to a serious Dan, I really don’t consider him a super shitty character. Not the best compared to others, but he’s not garbage. Just not competitive by design. He’s got tools to beat you if you’re not adequately aware or skilled to defend against him.