SSF4 Best Character For Beginners?

Hey guys, first post ever on SRK. I first started playing street fighter when I was like 3-4 in 1996 on sega genesis with my older brother, got pwnt, and raged quit for like 14 years. After watching EVO 2010, I’ve decided to pick it up again and maybe even try a few tourneys cause they looked so fun lol. When I was little, I played mainly with chun-li and surprisingly figured out how to do Spinning bird kick and barely pulled off ryu’s fireball, but now there are so many characters in the game I can’t figure out which is best to start up with. I just wanted some advice on which character is the best to start off with and how to go about training to get better. Here in Arkansas, there are no arcades anywhere near till the next state over lol so I can’t really practice with anyone and online connections suck, I get hella lag. HELP ME OUT YALL xP Thanx a million.

p.s- Just bought madcats SE stick, should I buy sanwa parts? Do they really make that much a difference?

As much as I hate to say this, the best character for beginners is Ryu, but you should really just play anyone you think is fun.

You can buy Sanwa parts if you want, they won’t make too much of a difference but they are better than stock Madcatz. The difference is more in comfort than anything, Madcatz buttons still work fine though.

1: Spend 5 minutes playing the game, and you’ll have a good idea of what characters you are interested in
2: Spend another 5 minutes reading the multitude of posts made on the exact same subject.
3: No, you shouldn’t. You don’t even know what character you want to play, why should you care what manufacturer stamp is on your buttons? You couldn’t even tell the difference if someone pulled a pepsi challenge on you.