SSF4 Bison Hitbox

In helping everybody understand Bison’s normal moves and their hitboxes better, I have compiled some pictures.

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Hit Box from Arcadia’s Mook revision 2
Page 1:
Page 2:
Page 3:

Console Super Street Fighter IV Hit Box Data captured from Videos


Close Normal Moves:

Normal Moves

Neutral Jumping Normal Moves
j.MP aka "the wing breaker"

Forward & Backward Jumping Normal Moves
j.MP aka “Hell Attack”
[*]j.MP aka “Hell Attack”

Crouching Normal Moves

Focus Attacks
Level 2
Level 3

Special Moves
Knee Press
Head Press
Devil’s Reverse
Psycho Crusher

Ultra Combo
Nightmare Booster:
Psycho Punisher:


Character Projectile Hit Boxes Against Bison (Alphabetical Order)
**Akuma **(air)
**Akuma **(ground)
**Chun-Li **
**Dan **
**Deejay **
**Dhalsim **
**Gouken **(EX)
**Gouken **
**Guile **(LOL)
**Ibuki ** - Notice now they’re red and not green… not real projectiles. Explains why I punched one or two of them randomly by accident with Bison. #capcom folks confirmed to me that it was the same in SFIII. So gg.
**Juri **
**Ken **
**Rose **
**Ryu **
**Sagat **
**Sagat **(Ultra II)
**Sakura **
**Seth **

Understanding Hitboxes:
Solid Yellow boxes:
This represents the physical space that the character is occupying. These do not represent hittable boxes. It is there so the characters, when both are pressing forward, they cannot pass through eachother. Moves that can pass through the opponent, for example, akuma’s teleport, that yellow area wil lcompletely disappear so he can pass through the opponents yellow area.

Solid Yellow long horizontal boxes:
They are the distance for where the active frames will force the opponent to block (but I didn’t include any of them in these pictures to show the distances)

Solid Red boxes:
This represents the attack’s active hitbox. If this box collides with the opponent’s vulnerable box(explained further down), it will register a hit. The data that is shown inside the red hitbox, is not important, they are values representing range/height/etc… basically, important info for the development team only

Solid Green Boxes:
This is considered a Projectile Active hitbox. Same rules apply as the red hitbox when it comes to registering a hit.

**Solid Blue hitbox: **
This is a throw’s active hitbox. If this throw collides with a throw vulnerable box(explained further down) on the opponent, a throw will be triggered.

Green lined boxes:
This represents the character’s vulnerable hitbox. If any attack’s solid red hitbox or projectile’s solid green hitbox collides with the green lined box, a hit will be registered.

Blue lined boxes:
This represents the character’s vulnerable throwable hitbox. If a throw’s Solid Blue hitbox makes contact with A blue Lined box, a throw will be triggered

Red lined boxes:
This represents the character’s vulnerable hitbox, just like the green lined boxes, but it is invincible to projectile attacks(solid green hitboxes).

A few quick notes:

Knee Press: I labeled One and Two for the hits. First box is out for 2f and the second one is out for 4f, you can still hit someone with the tip of the landing point from the far end and it’ll be safe for the most part. You’re very vulnerable to jumping attacks still, hence why a lot of people say they get stuffed by a lot of things because, well, the active hitbox is actually really low on the ground.

Head Press: A lot of stuff will get hit if it collides with Bison midair, but Bison is also very vulnerable to a lot of moves in midair if it doesn’t collide into him. Note: neutral jump normals, watch out for those pesky players who jump up and throw out normals. They are trying to beat your headstomp/devil’s reverse attempts.

Standing Roundhouse: The hitbox is huge and you can even hit some crouching opponents with it. Swat them down.

Close Standing Fierce: The hitbox is high enough to AA some things up close but it would almost have to be psychic, it reaches a little higher than standing Roundhouse can when it’s really close up or over his head.

This thread is all kinds of awesome!!

Excellent thread!

May I suggest you cover crouching MP, and perhaps his 2 unused standing MP moves? Perhaps their hitboxes can make them somewhat useful in specific situations.

great post, tony for president!

great post!

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by the way, covering crouching hp would be interesting if you have time

Fantastic post!

I’ve noticed through the character moveset swapper utility on PC that, at least notionally, dictator’s standing hitbox appears to be wider than any other character in the game, with the possible exception of Zang. It is even larger than Blanka’s, who historically tends to have a wide hitbox. Shotos appear to have almost half of his hitbox. Note that this is all notional on my part and based entirely on how freakily distorted dictator becomes once you swap him with, say, Ryu.

Can anyone confirm this? This is making me realize pretty quickly how standing just makes me a huge crossup target.

I’ll do more testing with SSFIV when it drops.

I would tend to agree based on anecdotal evidence. Bison had a notoriously wide hitbox in ST as well.

This is a noob question, but I’ve wondered this from time: do hitboxes move? Specifically, do they extend and retract?

Say I hit s.forward. If I was able to see the hitboxes on this move, would I see a red hitbox extend until my leg was all the way out, and then retract as my leg came back to my body? Or…?

Yes. In ST, there are two ways in which your hitboxes typically move: a) if your character changes state or b) your character is moving within a state.

a) For example, if you press st.roundhouse, you will typically go through four states,

  1. Neutral (stand)
  2. Start up (leg extending out)
  3. Active (leg fully extended)
  4. Recovery (leg retracting)

In each of these four states, your hitboxes can be, and usually will be, in a different position. It doesn’t matter if there are 50 frames of animation during recovery, the hitboxes will be the same in the recovery phase. So your vulnerable hitbox will extend and retract with your leg. This is the reason why you can counterpoke from a certain range, even if you would whiff normally. The most obvious example of this is hitting Sim’s extended limbs.

In ST, it didn’t matter that Ryu was bouncing up and down while standing, or even if he picked his nose- his hitboxes were in the same shape because he was idle (neutral).

b) is the case where you move within state. When you jump, your hitbox stays the same shape, but moves in an arc. Similiarly, your hitboxes moves when you use psycho crusher, tiger knee, or slide. They stay the same shape as per a), but they physically move throughout the active phase. Any move that is “safe from a certain distance” typically has this behavior.

However, in SF4 the hitboxes seem to be attached to the frame of the actual 3D skeleton, or the game has 3D hitboxes in other words. The game by no means behaves like Tekken, where the hitboxes move with the physical leg, but they do not behave exactly as 2D hitboxes do in ST. There are extreme cases where you need a specific frame of animation in order to combo (Gen vs Ryu). Hitboxes seem to shift a bit during idle animation (Rufus), change during the same state (Balrog pushing you back on his wakeup), and have other sorts of idiosyncrasies that shouldn’t happen with fully 2D hitboxes.

tl;dr Yes they do extend and retract, but they don’t seem to behave exactly like in ST.

If you make gief a training dummy and just try to poke him as he’s in idle stance, there’s definitely movements in his hitbox. Same for few more characters, but they are very subtle.

The s.HK is missing a very underused hitbox, which is above his head.

I lol’ed at your cs.HP AA.

Gonna update first post with SSF4 hit boxes after I edit some stuff.

Updated… enjoy…

My training mode testing wasn’t all thaaaaaat far off :o

c.HP is still 12f start up. Counted the frames one by one. :*(

Bison’s is OP on the barrel stage

Oh, and thanks for uploading the images tony


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