SSF4 Bison Hitbox

Definitely sticky worthy for pretty much the entire life of this game.

Sorry to be a bit of a noob here, but I’m having a really difficult time with all these boxes and making heads or tails of these. I see big red translucent boxes (which I’m guessing or attack portions), yellow translucent boxes (which are the vulnerable boxes), and a BUNCH of empty boxes with blue and red borders. Can you make some sort of quick reference to what boxes mean what?

Some of the boxes look like they are how they animate Bison’s 3d model, so I guess that would make some difference. Still, a little clarification please?

Great Post though, as once I understand these I’m sure they be of Immeasurably great benefit.

Red shaded boxes are your offensive hitboxes. Green-bordered (non-shaded) boxes are your vulnerable hitboxes. The yellow body boxes are your “bounding” boxes that prevent players from passing through each other. The yellow box that extends out in front is the “proximity” box, inside which a defending character will switch to block stance during the attack animation.

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awesome stuff.

Bison reminds me of DJ. He sure enjoys attacking. lol

So if c.Feirce has the same properties as vanilla; how is it actually beating jump ins better this time around?

You hit it early and hope the second portion of the active frames hit them. The hitbox starts from a lower position and moves on up. If you don’t have good reaction it will get stuffed before the active hitbox moves up.

So what about the blue and red bordered boxes? Like on the slide kick, and the torso of Psycho Crusher? And what is with the green translucent box on Psycho Crusher?

Once again, sorry for the 20 questions routine. Just trying to understand this, but I’m getting a better picture now.

Non-red ones are where Bison is attackable. That’s the regular 3d model’s hitboxes. The green represents projectiles, which allows EX-Psycho Crusher to act as a projectile itself, nullifying other projectiles in the game. He’s literally a flying torpedo. I’ve looked at other characters with fireballs and the hadoukens, kikokens, and sonic booms are all represented by a small green box.

Updated first post with the different hit box colors and properties.

What I am really curious about is if got any improvements as far as priority. In vanilla it was largely a joke outside the Bison mirror.

Yo Tony, The solid long yellow box is the distance that upon startup, the opponent is forced into blocking animation.

Thanks for clarification! Now it makes more sense.

THANKS SO MUCH! This makes far more sense with the edit text to explain the attack data.

Now this is helpful data. Good post!

How did you get this pics though?

Did anybody else think the same thing I did when they first saw the long yellow box coming from Bison’s crotch?

I know you guys did, don’t lie.

Yeah, check this Dic pic out. LOL

Despite the other thread by zeno, Bison’s head still looks as vulnerable as ever on the sHK.

So what was the original hitbox for s.HK?

Seriously, this thread should be stickied.

Projectile hit boxes are up on the first post. A lot of the projectile hit boxes are pretty small so you could probably jump most of them right before they hit you. The tail of the fireballs actually don’t have hit boxes on 95% of them.

If you want more like Supers and Ultra fireballs, let me know. I didn’t include them because they are mostly the same and if your opponents were using them on you in a match you’re likely not going to evade them because it’s either going to anti-air you or you got hit with it at the end of their combos.