SSF4 C.E Modded buttons and stick unresponsive

I recently brought a SSF4 C.E modded stick (has sanwa buttons and stick) from a guy. I’ve only had it a day and while playing with it a button connection came loose. So I opened up the stick and put the button connection back. It worked for awhile but now when i push any button it’s unresponsive. Sometimes it’s like i never pushed a button. The same happens with the joystick.

When i plugged it into the computer (xbox 360 stick) and used the game control settings then push a button sometimes it’ll sa im holding the stick or button even though I’m not. Anyone might know what’s causing this??

sounds like a loose wire or something

is it dual modded?
anyways since its modded, go ahead and open it up and see if anything looks funny

Also, post pics of the guts.

I was thinking of buying a new PCB.

Im hoping when i buy this my buttons and joystick will work correctly.If that doesnt fix my problem i dunno what will. Heres he pics on inside my stick.