SSF4 - Casual/Intermediate Xbox Live Players Wanted!

Hey Guys,

A couple of days ago someone posted a thread asking for Casual/Intermediate SSF4 players. Since then, the thread has been deleted. I’m not sure why exactly because I wasn’t here this weekend or around when it happened. I’m also not able to view it anymore so I’m not sure if it was deleted for a purpose or not. But I would like to start another thread as I found it useful. If it was deleted for a purpose, please inform me or post and I’ll delete this one as well.

I’m looking for Casual players who want to play during the evenings and just feel like they want to practice a bit. Hopefully people between the eastern and western timezones although if you can make it and the connection isn’t bad, anyone is welcome to join. I’ve already met a few good guys online through this forum and I’m always looking to meet more people. Especially if they can act mature and have a good attitude about things.

If you guys feel like you want to get in on a little after hours Street Fighter, feel free to post and drop me a line. You can also look me up on Xbox Live and join my party if you like.


It got deleted because there is a forum for things like this

Where exactly is it?

I know about the regional threads but those threads are defined into too small of a group. I’d rather appeal to everyone in North America.

I even met some guy in the Carribean and even his connection was good.


It’s under “online forums”. If you scrolled all the way down to regional matchmaking then you went to far.

XBOX Live!

You’re right. It should have been posted there. I’ll delete this thread and go see if the original made its way there. If not I’ll re-create it there.