SSF4 Clan Matches on XBL

I’m with TZA clan and we have a SSF4 squad.So far we have only had one match so i figured i’d check here for anyone in clans that would be interested in having some friendly 2v2 or possibly 3v3 team battles.feel free to message me on XBL.

I would have posted this in the SSF4 or XBL forum.

Hahahaha, a clan. Is Super Street Fighter IV the flavor of the month? Don’t worry. You’ll go back to Call of Duty soon.

This was sorta my response :confused:

No offense if you are trying to get an actual team going of sorts, but when you use the word clan I flash over to Call of Duty and just cringe.

Really? SSF4 brought “clans” to the FG genre? I mean “team” sure, but “clan” just reeks of “noob”.

If competitive FPSes are anything to go by, then any team referring to themselves as a clan are 99.9% of the time scrubs.

Also, this is a fighting game, a 1v1 genre, while 2v2 and 3v3 matches can be fun they will never be serious. If you really want to make a “clan” for the game, pick up a few individual good players and get them playing in Gamebattles. 2v2 and 3v3 is something you do for fun with your friends.

Team games only work when the entire team can actually play together AS A TEAM. 2v2 and 3v3 fighting games is just a group of people fighting one after the other against another group of people, there is no teamwork involved.

thanks for the trolling lol. anyways its not a SSF4 specific clan its just a small sect of the clan that plays SSF4