SSF4 Cody Arcade Changes

Lets collect and discuss 'em here.
Will keep the thread up to date. Post away all news you catch.


  • now comes out in 3 frames. Should be more useable as a low poke with reach.
  • Crack Kick ( gets more juggle properties (e.g EX CU will hit full)
  • The range at which Cody can pick up the knife has increased.

Crack Kick stuff:

  • Crack Kick => MK/HK Ruffian probably have to be a counterhit or “meaty” (hitting with later active frames) to hit on everybody. Otherwise it seems character specific, but not sure since it wasn’t tested on every single character yet. It has stricter timing and seems range dependet against some.

  • Crack Kick -> EX Ruffian -> EX Criminal should be decent in damage + stun
    (Calculated: 384 Damage and 484 Stun(!), not that bad for a Poke followup)

  • Crack Kick on airborne opponent => Crack Kick connected. Not sure if follow-up attacks are possible.
    (You should be able to followup with EX CU and U2 dust at least)

New Costume:

Where did you find these? I’ve been looking, but have found nothing on Cody.

either from player statements or (like in this case) translated from a japanese source (not by me). there is a thread ongoing on srk that is dedicated to the location test currenlty held in japan.

I really don’t think faster walk speed is a fair trade for an EX Zonk nerf. A better BACKDASH then yeah now were are talking but really, I dunno if Cody really needs to walk faster. Plus if EX Zonk gets nerfed so you, say have to be in SPD range to hit Zangief, well then what do you do against Zangief?


@ex zonk change. it’s a buff not a nerf. you shouldnt ex zonk in normal poking game anyway, there is no need for much travel distance. now it’ll be a better wakeup reversal. as of now, it travels through many attacks and n.jumps.

No more rocks>dash>zonk to beat fireball spamming Ryu’s?
Ah well, so far it sounds a lot less bad than what my main (Seth) seems to be getting =P

EDIT: nevermind, completely read past the 2 capital letters E and X…i shall not delete or further alter my post so i will forever be reminded of this shamefull fact =P

  • HK Ruffian hits crouching opponents

whoa this is awesome, i hope his wakeup game gets buffed

This is a crazy one if it works outside of Gief’s Xbox huge hitbox. Because then c.MP will most likely hit confirm into it, which means Cody can c.lp X3 c.MP HK Ruffian FADC U1.


Weren’t they possible before?

Well not on crouching characters, probably should have mentioned that.

If you discount the fact that you need a full super bar to do very little damage, it is in fact possible to combo from cr.LP to U1 on a crouching opponent…

this makes cody even more damaging due to FADC into any followup.
but I bet he does less damage / stun to compensate his buffs. lets get ex ruffian projectil immunity from start and buff u2’s recovery on “whiff” part a bit so you are safe if you hittet 'em with the dust part while airborne at least.

Faster walk speed, mmmmmm <3

you could combo into full ultra 1 on a crouching char off a jab with only 2 bars. it just isn’t that easy.
c.lp, (close), c.fp xx rh ruffian FADC ultra 1

Didn’t even think of that one, i was thinking of FADCing CU to force stand and then any combo ending in HK ruffian>FADC>U1 =)

is it just me or does anyone else think something needs to be done about his Air to Air game? in the air he gets killed by everything.

i dont really think his faster walk speed makes a difference.

@Jordanf1end: it does a big difference against characters like Dhalsim and for wee faster positioning/zoning

faster walk speed also gives him a better throw game which is something Cody needed badly IMO

yes I think givin him a good throw game would be his best subtle buff


^i think it means CAN or ex cant be anymore.