SSF4 Cody Frame Data from Prima Guide :rock:

thanks to Protokoll for the guide :slight_smile:

Seems very close to Yeb’s estimates, at first glance.

Thanks for posting!

/sigh I wish it had the properties of moves, such as invincibility, pursuit property, and all that.
Guess we’ll have to wait for Japan.
Thanks for posting, Cicada!

so just how exactly safe is a lp CU after lets say a blocked c lp c lp c mp xx lp CU? what can punish it?

it seems fairly safe – like yeb said the problem is it moves them back quite far, and hte problem is them having a move that comes out in 5 frames or less, and actually reaches you from that far away.


I got used to abusing this until my friend was using Vega…

Is there frame data for other characters too?
Also, isn’t U2 7 frames, not 8 as listed, as it can link of lol @ U1 having 14 frames of startup.

Thanks for the data!

Upon closer look his knife seems to have some good frames. cr lp becomes 3 frames decent post frames too.

Edit: It’s been mentioned before by others but wow he has alot of moves that give him good post frames. Seems like he’s gonna have a pretty solid offense. his F+MP looks so good.

Wow, I didn’t even realize you could fake knife throw. That might be an interesting trick.

hey guys, updated the data with damage and stun values.

where is it? New link?

same link.

Thanks for the data Cicada.

Anyone looking at this should be aware that Dr. Dogg (the person who wrote this guide) had a poll on SRK where he stated the frame data in the guide is not from the release build.

So some of these numbers may be off.

if t here’s anything that anyone notices is really off or would like further testing, let me know, and i can test it. i know there were some issues about u2 and close st. mp, ill have to test that.

updated again.

i have the frame data from teh official mook. I’ll be checking it against what i’ve already got, and update accordingly in the next few days.

ill bum the thread when i’ve re-uploaded/updated it. :slight_smile:

finally a guide that might end up being 100% correct, thanks :slight_smile:

Ok, where’s the miscellaneous notes like how many invincible frames on Zonk Knuckle and how much projectile invincibility does EX Ruffian Kick have. Is that on the Mook guide or something. All the new chars except Makoto are missing their notes about how the moves work on the Wiki.

Does anyone know if all the frame data from the first post PDF is accurate or not?