SSF4 Collector's Edition

So I was thinking, and well Capcom didn’t do THAT good of a job on SF4’s collectors edition other than the Ryu action figure I got for the PS3…(No I don’t main Ryu)
Cause I’ve probably touched that more than I’ve touched the movie/listened to the sound track and anything else that came with the CE.

So I’m making this thread so that maybe if Capcom does lurk and read opinions and all that good stuff in these forums,
maybe we can mention a couple of things that you’d like to see in a collector’s edition?
And hopefully Capcom will hear you guys out and do their best to give us what we’d like

I’d like to see another action figure, maybe of Juri, or DJ or any of the new/returning characters from SF2, SFA etc.

Maybe a new anime movie kind of thing, but PLEASE make this better than the one from SF4,
Make it longer, more interesting, and well…everything that the SF4 movie wasn’t really (In other words…make this one good).

Hopefully with everyone complaining about the music and soundtracks in SF4, Capcom has kept an ear out and maybe will release an OST that would also come with the SSF4 collector’s edition.

Last, but not least give us a nice booklet with some character art and a short bio. on them? Kind of like SF4 had I guess.

Get hype.

Whatever it is, unless it is a turd from Ono, I will buy it. I love the collector’s edition of any game because it is a little piece of history.

Good idea. The anime movie for SF4 wasn’t very good… Hopefully they have the time and patience to make a new one. I hope they add more songs to the soundtrack so it would be worth listening

A Chun Li figure would be pretty cool.

i didnt mind the anime and the OST, but i think what they should do for the collectors edition is this.

1 explain everyones story

2 video tutorial on links and combos, and explanation of the link and when it is good to use it and how.

3 maybe another headband… or better yet… gloves??(ill leave that open to everyone else)

I speak for everyone when I say we should get a pair of “MAXIMUM” pants.

I hope they make those pants in morbidly obese for some of us…:smokin:

I would like to think that Studio 4C and Capcom both faults for the Ties that Bind movie. The style of Studio 4C was there but it was lacking detailing so it looked bad throughout the entire movie. After seeing a number of stuff by Studio 4C, I was disappointed when I watched it compared to Gotham Knight, Animatrix(the cat one), Spriggan, Tekkon Kinkreet, various games and music videos. I think Capcom might have stiffed the Studio on budget haha!
The recent advertisments/shorts on the SFIV site looked good though(Viper and Sakura).

I personally though the extra $10 was worth the Collector’s Edition but I didn’t like how they advertised the figure(I got the PS3 ver.) and the “Strategy Guide”. I didn’t get the fortunate chance to receive the head band.
I wouldn’t mind a higher quality Juri figure with if they come out with the SSFIV CE.

I remember when I got my SFIV CE I was kind of down about getting the Viper figure because it was Xbox 360 and I wanted the Ryu one but when I opened it up, I had the Ryu figure instead of the Viper figure lol. It was bad ass and it got my friends very, very angry at me. LOLZ

I remember when the EU version came out, and we simply got BOTH figures =P

And paid twice the price for the privilege.

I just got owned. :sad:

I think a Ken stressball would be a good idea for CE loot, fun and practical for when you’ve just had enough of laggers and ragequitters online:lovin:

eh, i’d like a ‘the making of dvd’, which talks about how they decided to do the art style, cut content, etc.

give us a juri actionfigure which is actually well made, or something, I dunno…

Hook us up with something exclusive, that matters, that even after SSFIV is gone we’ll still be interested in.

It’s like the old conundrum… “how do you give a present to a consumer that’ll never be happy?”

go for that abject glazed pleasure, not “OH BOY OH BOY A MILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF COKE IN MY SSFIV!”

Like, if it comes with better shit than classic SF4 collector’s than we’re good. but i want something that’ll not give me buyer’s remorse down the road.

Hmm I never knew EU got both figures:confused:

Lol at the Ken stressball idea

The CE for SF4 was awful. I doubt they’re going to make a CE for SSF4 as I feel the vibe from Capcom that they see this as a much smaller undertaking than SF4 was, especially since they aren’t releasing SSF4 to arcades.

Oh Jesus Christ oh my God.

:rofl: That’s actually not a bad idea lol.

Yup…and not at double the cost like someone seemed to think, normal version was 59 euro (normal for a game here) and CE was 69 euro where i ordered it.

Anywayz, since i don’t want to derail any more than i already have i’ll add my own idea:

Since i am running out of space to put them with all these games coming out with figures with the CE/LE editions, i’m opting for something ingame, like exclusive colours/outfits for either everyone or just your main (+maybe one more for your backup) to be available for download with a code that came with the game. For instance i like the dark blue Seth, but would pay extra to be able to pick a pitch black for him.

Also the idea of a DVD with tutorial vids sounds nice, but i must say it should be done better than the BB one cuz at the more complex combos you were looking at a screen full of arrows en numbers which for me personally made my head spin =P

The figures sucked anyways.

Put a Juri bust that costs 79 dollars alone in a 99 dollar package for Game+Fig and I’m sold. Or take it up a notch and make it like the RE5 bundles that weren’t shit.

T Shirt, Bust, CD Soundtrack/Bonus Disc (or both), Game disc and case with different artwork to tell the diff between the CE and Consumer edition.

Or pull an AkSys and first batch of SSF4s are special editions only with the consumer edition coming out a month later. SSF4, diff artwork, tips DVD and soundtrack for the price of a new game. Which would be 60 bucks for you Americans I guess.

But we probably won’t get shit.