SSF4 Collector's Edition

Idiot-look at the rrp prices on amazon here: regular “limited” edition

These were the actual prices on release day and I was willing to put up the cash for the limited edition until i saw how pathetic the package was.

I doubt they’re be one. Hell, most Kotaku readers still think the game is going to be full-priced, probably because of their abundance of retardation.

So yeah. If there was one, I dunno what it would be in it, but it would be 7-star hard for it to be worse than the original collector’s edition.

Hell no, after I got burned on the first one there’s no way I’d pay for shit like that again.


a) first off all that’s in pound, not euro
b) it’s amazon…
c) i was talking about the EU CE release getting 2 figures no matter what version, whereas USA got viper with xbox CE game and ryu with PS3 CE game, and then you said that it was at double the cost. LE/CE ALWAYS cost more but it DID NOT cost me anything EXTRA to get 2 figures compared to the ONE that came with USA CE.

Idiot indeed…


Yes i’d facepalm too if i just found out how stupid i was…

i just want a soundtrack that actually includes indestructible. a song so bad, its sooo good.

a) UK is in Europe-we got the EU version of the game
b) RRP is set by distributor, not Amazon.
c)The CE was almost double the cost as 70 is almost double $60.

Hence, facepalm.

Wow you really are silly, you missed the last part of my post completely…the way YOU stated it was “europe got an extra figure included with the CE game but had to pay more for it” might be true for UK, but i paid a normal CE/LE price for my game.

you’ll always pay more for CE, that wasn’t the point, no matter if it’s double or triple, you said i paid double to get a 2nd figure.

EDIT: to anticipate your iminent retort, saying that the stuff you got with the CE wasn’t worth the money would also be beside the point…

The problem with most collector’s editions nowadays is they’re too predictable. For an extra $10 or whatever you get a mini comic, a soundtrack, and it all comes in cardboard box that’s usually shown signs of wear buy the time you left the store.

I’m just generally complaining without offering any real idea as to what I’d like to see in a collector’s box. The collector side of me is just greedy I suppose.

But for SSF4 I guess you can put me down as one who wants a much better movie. The only entertaining part of the first was Seth impaling Ryu through the ceiling or whatever… that shit was hilarious.

that and maybe a tin or steel case of the game

BlazBlue’s CE didn’t cost extra… At first…

I would definitely pick up the CE of SSF4 if it comes with some cool stuff. I’d dig an OST and maybe some a DVD of behind the scene stuff, crap like that.

It seemed like there were a lot of people who hated/loved the SF4 soundtrack… personally I liked it a lot.

indeed it did, mine never left the box.

With it’s status as an update rather than a new game, I don’t think we’ll see one. Though it probably depends entirely on how much money the SFIVCE made.

I’d pay extra for an Ono turd.

Orange color for me please
best diea ever hehe

Please…dividualcomplex and matrixdub, move it to PMs if you guys really think having this argument is worth your time.

On another note, I dont think the figures suck as some people here are saying, they’re more of decoration and collector items (not that I am one) rather than actual action figures that you can mess around with or whatever, they’re not really supposed to be played with, they’re just supposed to be there imo.

I’d love to have a Viper one T_T.

I love when they release artbooks with CE games with concept art and character studies and stuff like that. I’d throw down extra for a SSF4 artbook no problem.

I would love to have a Juri figure, and a new movie like OP said…I dunno about soundtrack, I feel like Capcom blew it with sf4 >.>