SSF4 Combo Challenge: 700 class



Can anyone think of any ways to do this with Fuerte?

The most I’ve done is 622 against Seth.

Which was with a jump in fierce, into RSFx4 xx EX Qbomb… which stuns, then ultra spark.

I guess I would need to look up the damage scaling formula to figure out the ideal amount of hits to get in the most damage. Not sure if more RSFs into super or crumple before the ultra would do more.

There must be some interesting trick that makes it possible.

Let’s hear some theory fighter.


More rsfs would only make dmg scaling worse, ):


Did that combo again with counter hit on, it does 643.

Only 599 if you crumple before the ultra spark, that’s some painful damage scaling.

Jump in Fierce (counter) -> RSFx4 -> ex Qbomb is a 6 hit 499 damage combo that leaves seth stunned.

Is it possible to make it to 700 with FA level 3 into nonstop RSFing after that?
Trying some quick calculating now… the FA3 should do 56 damage (total 555)
RSF x1 = 27 damage (total 582)
RSF x2 = 18 damage (total 600)
From here on I’m not sure I understand the damage scaling, I think each hit just loses 10% or something?
RSF x3 = 16?
RSF x4 = 14?
RSF x5 = 12?
RSF x6 = 11?
RSF x7 = 10?
RSF x8 = 9?
RSF x9 = 8?
RSF x10 = 7?
RSF x11 = 7 again (rounding up some lost percent points)
RSF x12 = 6

Total = 700, with maybe one or two more. So, then, anyone man enough to do 12 RSFs after everything else? I haven’t done more than 10 in super, especially not if I had to do it on the spot like this.

EDIT: Possible mistake in that Focus Attacks count for 2 moves for scaling purposes? Not sure if that is correct, might require 15 or so RSFs if true.

EDIT EDIT: There’s also a reduction for opponents health bar… blah… throw in more RSFs. This is looking less reasonable.

TRIPLE EDIT: I’m an idiot, with counter hit on if you only do RSFx3 before the EX Qbomb you can still stun him and the ultra brings it to 661!!. It seems less will be more… if only there was a way to stun him with just RSFx2, sadly it only does 730 stun with RSFx2. So close yet so far.


I’m a bit tired at the moment, I just woke up from a dream where I had to shoot my grandma to stop her from killing me with a giant swiss army knife. (I’d call it a nightmare but tbh it was pretty entertaining) anyhow…

vague spoiler

[details=Spoiler]You can do this with only RSF. (you can add spark at the end just to make it “new”)

Use your imagination and stop playing against seth.

You should know yourself better than you know the enemy.[/details]


Yea, i think fighting Seth is the only issue here. You need a character with a longer stun bar to drag out the combo a little longer. (I assume)


I just want to share this free combo that works with casual players, my patented “Salsa Combo”… :smiley: kiddin

airHK(keepit)-HP-Gsobat-exfocus-Fdash-HP-quesadilla(relHK)-exFocus-fdash-RSF-|stunt|-spark or buster or RSF

I hope u get it…


Sadly, the sonichurricane challenge requirements for the challenge don’t actually require 700 damage, but instead bringing the other character within 50hp of death… so 800, 900+ damage for other characters, which doesn’t seem doable.

It’s possible to do a 700+ damage combo on Seth, but not starting from 0 stun, which is also a requirement.

I didn’t think you could FADC sorbat into close HP?


Does U1 do more damage than U2?


Nah, U1 is 30 less. I’ve learned a lot about the combo system the past day, the number of “hits” in an ultra is irrelevant, every ultra in the game counts as 2 hits when it comes to damage scaling.

I have a few more ideas to test out later, I think I might be able to get to 680 or more. I might make a combo video out of some of this stuff I’ve been messing around with.


FADC stun (1 sec or less)


^^^ I still can’t figure out how to get that link. Any videos of that combo in action?


Just did 687 Damage on Seth with a new combo!
Jump in HP -> RSF x2 xx EX Qbomb xx FADC (f.dash) -> lk. Guac -> [stun] Ultra Spark

I’ll try to figure out if it is at all possible to FADC into EX. Guac, because that would put this over 700. (not sure you can tho, it takes a few extra frames on startup)


Fuck, nice. Id never even thought about FADC’ing q-bomb into guac.