Ssf4 combo timing


Hey I’m fairly new to fighting games been playing for roughly 4-5 months
I’ve mostly been playing UMVC3 but have recently given ssf4 ae a shot and I’ve been having a hell of a time landing combos in ssf4 but in marvel I can do most of my brea and butters no problem I was wondering if the timing in ssf4 is more strict on its timing? Any tips would be nice too If u willing to share


SF4 is a man’s game. I can’t think of many things that are more manly than linking combos.


You’re coming from a chain heavy combo system, where in IV you can’t getaway with mashing a tough link or dialing in your combos. Not that UMvC3 lacks skill or depth, but the system has a very friendly and lenient system for canceling normals.

Practicing the combo system in IV is the same as cracking the combo system for any game. Take (or find) a basic 2-in-1 and just practice that until you have the timing down to one button press for everything (For example: shotos can all do, fireball…get that down so you’re only pressing down + mk, qcf + any punch…not down+mk, mk, mk, qcf + punch, qcf + punch, punch, punch + qcf). After that, hit your character’s sub-board, find their combo thread and start working out from there. If you like discovering combos on your own (it’s a game no one has exposed combos for yet/you like discovering shit on your own/you don’t like reading), well, just start experimenting with what might link into what from that 2-in-1 base. Does j.fierce combo with Well omgawsh! It does. Will j.fierce into 2-in-1 work? Holy crap! Time to write that Ryu combo thread no one has created yet! :wink:

It’s all training mode and practice in the end. There’s no magic way of getting around putting miles in training mode.

Once you’ve worked your way up to practicing combos with very low frame links…start looking up plinking.


I’ve read that thread and it does provide useful information and I try to apply much of that thread when in training mode but I was more or less trying to get a comparison between the timing in ssf4 and mvc3 in terms of difficulty and speed of execution


Alright thank sosage