Ssf4 costumes discussion


I am wondering if they will add costumes to the original street fighter 4 roaster and what will T.Hawk Dee jays and juris costume will look like. i’m exited about that shit.


im hoping we get more then 2 sets of costumes when this release or at least for dlc


Dee Jay’s alternate should just be him smokin’ a blunt or him as Bob Marley… smokin’ a blunt.


I want seth to wear a suit.


In what way does smoking a blunt constitute a costume?


I just want to see Capcom perpetuate stereotypes


I wonder what mods will appear for the PC version of SSFIV.


DeeJay as Marley (or in stereotypical “Jamaican” clothes) would suffice.

Seth should just have his suit from the “movie” that came with the collector’s edition. I can’t believe he didn’t have that (I’m assuming it was because his belly yin yang needed to be exposed).

I don’t know about T.Hawk. He’s my least favorite SF character of all time, so I don’t care what they do for him.

I’m either hoping for a casual look or more traditional TKD look for Juri.

Makoto needs something a bit feminine, since she’s often confused for a dude. I don’t want her glammed up or anything. But if she had something that was definitely for girls, it would be nice.

I’ll have to think about others…


If Makoto didn’t end up in the game, I could see Juri rocking a Mokoto Alt. But I’d rather have Makoto in and for everyone to have some sweet looking costumes. :tup:

Hopefully they break the 2 costumes per character limit they’ve had.


I’d like to see T. Hawk dressed up as the lone ranger. The irony…


You mean like the one he wears in his anime intro/ending and the movie? Yeah I’ve been wanting that since I first saw it too! That would be pretty cool if they added that one to him instead of just pants…


it would be nice if they gave some retro costumes, like long hair ken from the alpha series


ibuki should get her tshirt and jeans costume from 3rd strike


t hawk should have the option to wear cutoffs

and should hang out with a black cop and a biker


If Dudley so happens to make it he needs a tux, top hat, and a monocle.


Ummmm, its a girl in street fighter 4

You pay 5$ to see her in 40% less clothes.


i just posted this in another thread because i didn’t see this one…

i hope there is a custom colour editor like in cvs2 where you can stock your custom colours in lets say 3 empty slots and use them whenever you want.


dudley is already wearing a tuxedo…in case you didn’t notice. maybe step up the formality to morning dress or something…

if cody is in it, he needs his alpha outfit…prison blues.

also would like el fuerte as either speedy gonzalez or the frito bandito. doenst make a difference which.


Baaw, I was gonna say this exact same thing.

Sagat should have those arm things and headband Adon has, it’s traditional muay thai clothing, right?


thats exactly what i just said about 3 posts up lol. i think it would be a very simple but really nice addition.