SSF4/Dash for Boxer

Every other character seems to have a thread about what needs to be changed or whatever and I didn’t see any for Boxer so here it is.

For those who didn’t see this page before, it’s the rumors. 2 Ultra’s for everyone? What does everyone think Rog’s other ultra should be? Discuss anything and everything!

gigaton punch

A walk up headbutt ultra. If you have revenge meter, the further you walk up to your opponent without touching another button, the more headbutts he does. Full screen = 25 hit combo

/end thread

Haha. I knew I was gonna get that answer for the ultra but how about anything else?

Hell, he’s a boxer and his ultra has always been the same, it’s a difficult question, heheh!

Hmnnn, maybe something like abel’s super, rog pushes the opponent to the wall and starts a mixup of punches, elbow hits, ending with a headbutt.

…gigaton punch would be the best tho :smokin:

There are lots of buffs I’d love for boxer to get but there is only one change that would be me sponsor a parade: Please, please, change the motion for the smash so it doesn’t overlap with dash upper. I don’t think I’d even miss the move much if it were removed.

A new FA obviously. His is one of the worst in the game. Viper is probably the only one with a worse FA.

Make TAP levels 1-3 safe on block.

Speed up the OH a little.

Allow us to combo an EX punch after a headbutt

Let us FADC the headbutt. Why can Guile do it but not us?

For 2nd ultra, raging demon Rog style. Starts off with a low blow, fades to black, a fury of punches, ending with Rog standing over they’re lifeless corpse and fight money raining down like confetti. /jk

Yeah, a better FA would be cool, same goes for fadcing the headbutt.

Ex rush punches that juggle and safe TAP would be a bit too much tho. Also, rog’s overhead can combo into ultra lol, they really shouldn’t make it any faster if we want to keep some balance into the game.

I like your Ultra idea.

You obviously don’t play against focus happy shotos, hehe!

Really, changing the movement so it doesn’t overlap would be great, but removing it…hell no!

While Guile -CAN- FADC his Flashkick, it’s a very miniscule window. You basically have to pyschic FADC it…

My guess why Rog can’t FADC headbutt is this. Most specials were made cancellable so you could combo into super. Since Balrog doesn’t need to cancel his headbutt to combo into super, it probably got overlooked as needing to be cancellable…

They need to fix that shit.

I’d like to see a special similar to Dudley’s one - where he drops his gloves and counters if you attack him.

word is that every character is getting a new ultra.

I for one am looking forward to what exactly balrog’s new ultra could be. I’m guessing it’s going to be a guile-motion and a massive string of headbutts.

No need to change the actual input IMO. Just make it so that rush uppercut has higher selection priority over low uppercut.

The way it is now, if you accidentally hit :df: while doing the inputs for a rush uppercut (more likely to happen if you’re cancelling a crouching normal into ex RU), you’ll get a low uppercut instead. If Capcom wants to make things easier, they should make it so that you get ex RU even if you accidentally input :df:, as long as you input :r: as well.

The change is more of a convenience than a necessity though. It’s a problem you can eliminate with practice, although it can get pretty frustrating when you’re starting out.

Anyway, I like Rog the way he is now… Although I do have a wishlist of sorts:

-Make cr. HP special cancellable.
-Make the DSB mp xx headbutt combo work on Sagat.
-Better mix-up options. (Cross-up, command normal overhead, or a chain cancellable low short that you can start block strings with)
-Make all versions of DSB safe on block (0 or -1). Rationale: Your opponent already has all the time in the world to throw or poke you out of it during the long start up.

I wonder what ultra he’s going to get. Would be funny if they gave him a 1 frame command throw. :stuck_out_tongue:

The best Balrog upgrade would be making him available on the PC when the console versions hit :wink:

Seriously though, I’d love to have some form of crossup attack, maybe a dash type move similar to Abel’s roll.

  • Give this man more invincibility or less startup time on TAP. Make it a viable option for escapes on Wakeup, or hell give him an EX TAP (…just kidding, lolol).
  • Gigaton Punch Ultra FTW, Raging Buffalo as super, and the FIGHT MONEY Raining Demon Ultra that WestCoastNinja was talkin about… That shit was DOPE.
  • Change the input for Smash to be charge back, down-forward + HOLD K, similiar to the Overhead Smash input.
  • Allow Level 1 TAP to combo within 2 or 3 frames into jab, Level 2 to combo within 1 or 2 frames, and Level 3 and higher not to combo at all.
  • Let the overhead combos work on Sagat, please. KThnx.

Of nothing else, I’d just say something that gives Rog more escape options on wakeup is much desired. Rog is dope as is other than that.

-Give us different TAP properties depending on which buttons you use to charge it, maybe if you use punchs you get the invincibility at the end of the startup.
-FADCable headbut FTW
-Gigaton Punch Ultra FTW
-Same recovery on all levels of TAP
-Give us a new special(command charge back, df+hold K) similar to OH but must be blocked low.
-Make OH combos work on Sagat.
-A command normal overhead would be sweet, knock-down or combo on hit though please.
-I’d like to be a few frames faster so it would be better for starting block strings with, this or a chain cancellable low short.
-We need a new focus attack, as it stands it’s almost useless, maybe a cross between his TAP and st.hp animations with much better range.
-I want a cross-up but I can’t see this happening and I’d prefer some of the above changes.

That’s all I can think of atm so I probably overlooked a few things but if even half of these changes were implemented I’d be happy with Capcom.

FADC headbutt? what?

That move is already great, of course guile can FADC flashkick, Guile sucks and needs all the help he can get. Making Balrog’s headbutt non FADCable certainly wasnt an oversite, it’s balence.

For me:
*Better FA range
*Overhead fix for Sagat
*Maybe a cross-up

…coming from a Sagat user…what should I say other than LOL!!!

Your GODLY tiger knee is safe on block if done correctly, does a shitload of damage, is fast, breaks armour and IS FADCable. Oh and Sagat is a lot stronger than Balrog.
Did I mention that your Ultra does close to 500 damage even if comboed into?

Lol, get the fuck outta here and back to the Sagat forums

I just really hate that move dude, lol. Dash upper would have won me sooooo much more matches if I were able to pull it off in clutch situations and not get a smash.