SSF4 Endless Battle - If someone wins over and over, should I kick them?

I’m absolutely loving the endlessbattle feature, it just feels right and there’s no pressure. The problem is, there’s always one player who obviously has years of experience and plays all the time. It would be unfair for me to just boot him from the lobby, but at the same time, everyone in the lobby is probably getting tired of getting destroyed by the same player over and over, until some other super tournament level player comes in and takes over.

I’m new here btw, this is a great forum, but I wasn’t sure where to post any sort of introduction.

I also have one bonus question to ask… when spectating, it says that I can press ‘back’ on my XBOX controller and it will “Save Reservation”. What does that mean?? Does it save a replay or something? I don’t get it :wonder:

One option is to just leave and create a new lobby. However, when you have a chance to play against a great player, try to take it as a learning experience, even if you get destroyed.

I’m not completely sure what the save reservation thing is either, but I think it saves the match on your replay list.

Send a message before you kick so they understand. Creating a new lobby might be harder since you’d have to invite all the other people to the new room.

Sending a message first sounds like a good idea. If I were beating people so badly and they were all scrubby players who couldn’t stand a chance, I’d probably try to find a more compeditive lobby. But, I guess in Australia, you don’t really have that option, there’s not that many lobbies around, I can barely fill my own lobby during peak hour times. So much fun, even just watching others play.

Also, If I’m hosting an Endless, are the matches I’m not in reliant on my connection? I want to be able to use the internet without disrupting other peoples matches.

You should be happy you have someone a lot better than you to play with. Rather than booting them, take the opportunity to learn something.

I guess I was right not to boot them. I did learn something from one of them. He used Guile, and would always grab after the second low round house, so I could tech out of it :smiley:

Protip on Guile’s low roundhouse: It is basically the worst normal in the game. Virtually every character can super/ultra between the two kicks.

lol exactly.
I love fighting people that do nothing but throws and tick throws. Excellent throw tech practice.

I seem to get kicked out of Endless rooms whether I win or lose most times, I figure people just don’t like getting trashed by El Fuerte (or even coming close). =) I consider it a good day when I last more than two-three matches in an endless room before someone kicks me!

Honestly, online is really crappy tech throw practice (at least in North America). After playing online for a while, I end up getting thrown a lot for trying to tech early.

Ask them to pick another character. If the gap between proficiency levels are too great you really won’t learn anything other than how to get your ass handed to you. A truly great player will probably be able to hold their own, or even dominate with most of the cast, so instead of sitting there getting destroyed see if they don’t mind playing some of their off characters so you can get as much match up help as possible.

One of them quit after beating everyone pretty hard. The other actually changed to Dan/Sakura and just kept winning anyway lol. The game does actually try to put people of the same rank together though right? I guess it’s hard matching 8 players together.

I beat a couple of B ranks not so long ago in endless (lucky wins), most fun ever :smiley:

Eh, I try to do what I can online. I went to a few places and asked people if they played street fighter, all I got was “wtf? Modern Warfare and Black Ops all day”. So, I don’t think there are any local scenes here in Kingston lol

don’t kick them. Use the opportunity to learn from someone who’s a better player than you. Hopefully, you can learn from your mistakes & end their winning streak!