<- Awesome Fight Night Flyer! Check it out! Let us know if we can put one where you work!

Thats Right! The First Weekly, Bar-venue SSF4 FIGHT NIGHT in the Eugene/Springfield Area starts Next Monday at the Mowhawk Tavern in Springfield!

Cash Prizes for top 3!

Tournament and Casual Play!

$1 Pints of PBR all night, as well as Ninkasi and other great beers on tap!

Stats Tracking for Tournament/League Play! Check your local stats online anytime!

Meet new Fighters!

Help us create a thriving Fighting Community for Eugene/Springfield!

GET HYPE! Registration Starts at 5:00, Pre register here, via PM, via email (shoryukenleague at gmail) or via facebook (shoryukenleague on fb)! Follow us on Twitter (shoryukenleague there as well!) or Facebook or all of the above for more tournament/SSF4 League (you heard me, league play coming soon!) info!

Rep this to all of your friends! We’ve gotta make a big splash so that we can continue hosting these and future events and tournaments, so lets do it!

And yet another SF event on a day i have work… this is starting to piss me off.

Hey, at least this event is going to be pretty often! If you can’t make it this week, come by next week, and rep Salem!

Hey, I’ll be there for goddamn sure. So will L.C!

Should we bring our own sticks/controllers?

Absolutely! Bring whatever controller type you’re most comfortable with and any conversion equipment you’re likely to need. We’ll have both PS3 and 360 setups, but the more players who are cross system compatible, the better!

There will be two methods of controlling each system provided for use, but they might be fight sticks, pads or a mixture, so bring your own gear if you’re picky!


We’ve got lots of new local fighters showing up to the event so far, after only a few days of campaigning!

We’ve been trying to get more love on SRK for Eugene/Springfield, but I guess most of our fighters aren’t forum warriors, they’re just world warriors, haha.

Keep putting the word out! Six days left to train up!

Win. Imma try and be there. Who are you guys? Wanna get some casuals in this weekend?

Score! See you there hopefully man, there’s a lot of people who are planning to show, should be awesome.
Who are we guys… Well I’m Tim and I may definitely be down for casuals if I’m not crazy busy this weekend! Add me on psn if you’ve got ps3, or I’ll see if I can get this xbox connected to some internet if you’re on xbl.
I play with a four or five players casually pretty regularly, we definitely are always looking for new fighters. Even if we can’t get together this weekend, definitely show up monday if only to play casuals and meet new fighters.

I’ll definitely talk to some of my buddies about setting up some casuals this weekend and see whats up.

Hay y’all, this is super awesome! Just one question though: Can I get in if I’m not 21? I’m 20, and certainly look older (especially with my super hot 5 o’clock shadow) but… y’know

Unfortunately this event is for 21 and over only. However, we’re definitely interested in holding all ages tournaments at other venues, keep tabs on this board or shoryukenleague on whatever social network for when it will be held. Judging by the amount of similar queries we’ve gotten, there will be a significant number of fighters eager to prove that the law’s keeping them down just so they don’t win all the prize money.

We’re just a group of friends in the area who wanted to see some fighting game tournaments. We’d been driving around to tournaments and kept thinking to ourselves, “Why isn’t there dollar pbr in my hand?”, so we fired it up!

Show up to Fight Night and meet the crew!

Supreme sadness. Alright, well if it ever hops to another venue/I get a fake, I’ll be there.

tight. I just ask cause we used to play sf3 and marvel 2 and stuff and never really found that many people. Hope to see you guys soon.

Excellent. Look forward to making an appearance. I’ll be bringing my PS3 stick.

J-rod will be J-wrecking ppl there as well. He does 'em dirty.

I’d love to go to this, but I sold my 360 and all of my games/controllers a while back, so I’m pretty rusty. I may show up just to meet some of you guys and say hi if that would be ok. It’s really nice to know that a local SF scene exists.

Awesome man! We’re definitely looking forward to meeting all the local fighters too. Only 24 hours left to practice up!

The event isn’t just going to be the tournament, though that is the main focus. There will be casual play, a lot of meet and greet stuff and we’ll be taking ideas for future events!

We’re all really excited, and turnout is shaping up to be great! See everyone tomorrow!

Good luck to everybody tomorrow, shame I won’t be there to get Auto-correct DP’d but I hope everything goes smoothly.

Oh yeah! Today’s the Day, Fighters!

Tournament starts at 5:30pm, so show up early if possible to pre-register and get some warmup matches (and dollar PBR) in you before the tournament!

If you might be pressed for time, pre-register with shoryukenleague @ fb or gmail to make sure you’re on the bracket come 5:30!

Is there any way we can have people that come in the same car (same concepts are region) not face eachother early on? Also, how early can people show up for casuals?

@Jeff - lol

Yo srk league- Is there any way to do a gameworks/ground control thing? Like give out a card to minors so they can’t drink. . Are there any venues that allow minors into bars so we could have more people. . . Just ideas.

Best bet for minor’s and gaming at the moment is local hosted events…Or Tilt but then the adults are left out.