SSF4 Fight Night #2 Sunday, Sept. 5th, Springfield, Oregon @ Mowhawk Tavern!

Attention Oregon Street Fighters!

Fight Night at the Mowhawk Tavern (1501 Mohawk Boulevard, Springfield, OR) is Back! We’re doing Sunday Night (September 5th!) this time to snag some people who couldn’t do Monday last time.

Registration Starts at 4pm, Tournament starts at 6pm. Show up early and get some casuals on with the community!

Check out the Flyer Here:


SSF4 Tournament, Cash Prizes for the Top 3!
Multiple High Quality HD Big Screens!
$1 PBR and 20% off any other drink in the bar!
$8 Entry Fee, or come play casuals for free!
PS3 and 360 Setups Available!

Come meet the local competition and step up your game!

Post here if you know a good spot to advertise and we’ll make sure some flyers get distributed there!

Last time was awesome, we had a huge number of people show up! This time is going to be even better, so GET HYPE!

Can I get an address?

Step yo google game up!

This sounds cool and I wish everyone luck. I’d come but I’ll be up at PAX

Added the address in the OP. Hope to see you there!

Also, don’t hesitate to bring your controller of choice!

Hell goddamn yeah, this one’s gonna be awesome. 20% off Jaeger bombs… better get some of those DKOs!

Added some additional info to the OP

Finally got the flyer up and posted a link in the OP. Let us know if you’ve got a good place for us to post one!

Maybe around video game/movie stores, or rental stores like Video game headquarters, CD/Game exchange, or maybe Blockbuster (if anybody still goes there for anything). Possibly bars, or other novelty shops, maybe campus bulletin boards. Not sure how much promotion would help the growth of our scene if people aren’t already interested, but we can still hope for the best.

Hell yeah, those are the types of places we’ve been hitting. Flyers are going out to all the usual places tomorrow, but I hadn’t considered campus bulletin boards yet, good call.

Updated the flyer, it’s looking awesome now. This most recent version is going to be the one that gets distributed.

get under 21 up in there so I can get some free money bro.

We’re working on some all ages events for sure. Keep practicing that fightstick and you’ll be first in line to take the lunch money when we announce those!

Yo, you Eugene guys definitely need to come out for our event in beaverton

Today? Not for me. I’d like to at some point. I could show up there and have the Bionical man pay me back. I said I would give him free money for gas if he came down and played here, cause he said he knew he would lose in tourney.

(hey u started it)

and Chronicle ppl have been searching for a way to have a barfight happen for both parties above and under 21. We just dont have as easy (as far as I know) of a venue as Portland does.

We keep missing events in ptown this month but we definitely might make some next month. Hope to see you guys up there and at some of the Eugene events soon!

Only 4 days left until tournament time!

Looks like we’ll have a lot of great competition going on as usual and turnout is looking great! Tell your friends and lets push for that big 32! It’s going to be close!

Fight Night #2 made Eventhubs community roundup, before the break!

Totally awesome!

oh yeah!!! I’m gonna give it my best. you guys better be ready for that saikyo!

Oh yeah!

Today is when the magic happens! Lets do this!

We’re having some issues with bandwidth at the venue, might not be able to live stream the action… So you’d better show up if you want to check out the fury!