SSF4 fightpad diagonals issue


I just got me a SSF4 fightpad off Amazon. It’s really nice except for the dpad, which is terrible. I have no problem with the cardinal directions, but the diagonals barely work. Down left and up right are okay as long as I exert one thousand tons of force, but up left and down right can’t be trusted to work. I tried to play SSF4 with it and couldn’t punish a blocked Ken Ultra 1 because my ult refused to come out.

I saw a thread that said putting a ±shaped piece of construction paper between the pad and the rubber connector helps, but all it did was make it stick.

Is my pad faulty, or is this just how they are? Any way to make it better?


My mod, although odd, does the job perfectly.
Buy one of these somewhere.
They are little tabs of double-sided tape. Basically, take one tab off the roll, fold it in half on the long side, then place it in on the 4 legs of the inside of the dpad.
Using 1 piece makes it a bit better. 2 pieces makes the directions very good without being too tight. 3 pieces makes the pad more rigid and tighter, but obviously more accurate. Never use 4, the pad becomes too tight and too sensitive.


You mean like pop off the dpad and put them inside there? That doesn’t seem like it would do anything, given that the dpad itself is just a cap for the stick. I guess there’s no harm in trying, though. Also, do you mean one piece per leg?


Assuming you know what the insides look like, you just open it up, unscrew the pcb from the 4 posts holding it down. Take off the pcb, and look at the back of the dpad, if the rubber thing is still there, move it for the procedure.
You’ll see the back of the dpad, it is a “+” shape. Just put a piece or two on the 4 legs of that “+” (folding the adhesive tabs makes it roughly the same size as the dpad legs). Close it up properly, then try it out. Your dpad will be much better, without any kind of difficult modding.


Ah, I see now. I decided to give that a try but with duct tape. Took a lot longer due to all the brain surgery I had to perform to get them the right size, but yeah. It’s awesome now. Thanks for the help.