Ssf4 fightpad

I would like to know, if this game is acceptable to use a fightpad in. I know a few characters like carl and litchi would probably be hard to max out thier potential on pad. but just in general could i do the combos most people on sticks could usually do?

Are there any downsides of using a fightpad.

What characters would you recommend for a pad player, I prefer zoning but it seems like bb is a rushdown oriented gaming

The first questions were pretty much asked and answered here.

For what characters I recommend, I think most of the cast is entirely viable on pad. If you like zoning characters, Lambda-11 is probably your go-to choice, though Mu-12, Rachel Alucard and Hazama (sortof) have limited zoning in their repertoires as well. Give them a whirl, try some challenges, and see who you like.

Do you think i can map my right trigger (L2) as my drive. to work with characters like litchi.

also i might play litchi or rachel, maybe lambda or carl

I don’t see why you couldn’t do that, although I’m not sure how big a deal holding the drive button is to Litchi’s gameplay.

Carl on the other hand, you’ll DEFINITELY need to do that.

i play carl using a ssf4 fight pad, i mapped my drive to the shoulder button cause it’s easier for me and for most people i assume, i have no problem doing all of carls combos on a fight pad, i suck at sticks and they are expensive, i mainly use my thumb for the front 6 buttons and my index finger for the shoulders buttons, it’s seems so much easier for me

The only thing that bothered me was when i first got a fight stick was

  1. because the movement pad is oriented in a circular manner switching to a default square gate might turn you off because doing QCF’s will be uncormfortable on a square and might influence you to buy a octagonal gate or a circular gate. I encourage you to stick with the square gate for this reason
  1. If you’re heavy handed like I am, Sanwa buttons sensitivity will probably hinder you (IE accidentally pressing the the wrong button because of your hand orientation and placement on the stick.) If that’s the case siementsu buttons will suit that need perfectly

The only possible issue with a FightPad is the pad itself. The buttons are in 6-button layout and should be no different to using an arcade stick provided that you’re holding the pad the proper way.