SSF4 Florida Tournament Teams Begin!

How’s everyone doing, My name is Nelson and I live in kissimmee, Fl. I have been searching around for some good Super Street Fighter 4 players to join together and make a team for tournaments and to TRAIN with eachother to improve gameplay. It would also be nice if you live close to or by Orlando to reduce the traveling expense (gas aint cheap lol). I’m looking for some respectful players not those who flip out when they lose a match because they didnt know the matchup.

Rest assured we can find a place to Train and practice on certain days ( I work ), and to have some fun!
-IF traveling is an issue, we can still train online through the PSN or XboxLive when I get one.
-IF the above is an issue, you MUST notify me of this, and MUST be able to at least make it to the Team Tournaments.

It would also be nice if you are over the age of 18 and have a garanteed ride for whenever Training begins or just to hangout with the team.

I currently, play on the PSN as FORCED_FOOL . No Gamertag yet but, have a TE STICK for BOTH systems so, Playing in xbox tournaments is no problem.

IF you would like to see if I’m good enough for you to join my Team, Send me a Friend Request through the PSN and we will schedule a fighting date.
-IF you don’t play on the Playstation 3, we can find a way to meet up for the match.
-IF the above is your case take this post seriously, I’d be upset if we met up and you have no idea what to do.

Also, keep in mind, just because I’m good enough for YOU to join the team, DOES NOT garantee YOU a spot (Meaning, I don’t think your going to benfit the Team), Remember I’m looking for good players!

IF you are interested, Send me a Friend Request through the PSN, and if you prove yourself worthy you will garantee your spot on the Team (Which by the way, still needs a name).

This opportunity will go on untill the 30th of June, 2010. There isn’t a specific number of people I’m looking for to be on the Team, so take the chance and earn your spot.

-Participants who earned their spot on the team will be posted on the thread every Friday untill the 25th.

Apparently, you haven’t been searching hard enough. Check out the Orlando regional thread. I suggest you ask what’s up and maybe visit one of the weekly ranbats or hostings to meet the scene. If you’re serious about sponsoring an Orlando team, I’m sure they’ll be willing.

Thats going to need some explanation…

also, how big of a team are you talking about… theres a whole orlando crew that i play with occasionally that meets at least twice a week

also also, most ssf4 tournies are not team based