SSF4 Frame Data


Is there a page or something I can turn to in order to learn about it? Like, what it all means, how I can use it, etc? I’m reading up on all kinds of characters and I’m seeing <insert normal here> is a 6 frame attack. Great. So what? That means nothing to me. And apparently, it should mean something. I just don’t know what.

So… If any of you wonderful people could just point me in the right direction, that’d be swell. Thanks.


There are 60 frames in a second in SF4 and SSF4, so a frame is a 60th of a second.

That is Dan’s frame data, the rest can be found on that site. Look at his, then compate to, say, Ryu and you will have an idea both of why Dan is less powerful than Ryu and of how to use frame data. Take their close standing light punch: Ryu’s starts in half the time, is active 50% longer, recovers in 60% of the time, does 10% more damage, and leaves Ryu in a better position both on hit and on block.

Don’t let frame data be a trap, use it as a tool.


Does anyone know anything about jumping frames? As in, how many frames does it take to leave the ground? I looked in character-specific Frame Data and couldn’t find that info…


I could be wrong but I think all characters leave the ground in 4 frames.


it takes 4 frames to jump.

it is universal for all char.

this is why if you get knocked down and try to jump as balrog does c lp or bison does c lk each 3 frames each) you will never leave the ground

this is also why, if someone does a random ultra (Ryu has 10 frames of startup), and you did nothing before that, you can just hold up/fwd and jump over him when you see the flash

[media=youtube]rCwWa6GOUUU[/media] part 1 of frame data

[media=youtube]nmipAe4A3c4[/media] part 2

here is the jump frame data


I’m pretty sure that the SSFIV frame data isn’t completely correct right now. Cody’s overhead is definitely not +6 on block, and if Cammy’s and c.lp were only +2, c.lp c.lp xx cannon drill shouldn’t be possible.


I’ve started trying to read frame data but am confused on a few things. (yes I already read the “how to read frame data” article) :slight_smile:

When thinking about canceling, do you add the recovery to the frame adv. on hit to figure out the max startup your next move must be under?

During combos, I assume each time a new hit is gained it “resets” the frame adv. and is not cumulative? (Otherwise we’d have some crazy combos resulting in a looong ass hit stun)

Also some generic questions:

When linking, is your ability to do the next move solely determined by the frame adv. on hit?
Does Canceling cancel all recovery frames for the move or are there partial amounts?
How do active frames play into this? What happens to following active frames if you hit on the first one?
Do recovery and frame adv. hit frames occur simultaneously or do you count them sequentially?


I have a basic understanding. Lets use an example of Rufus’ LK into HP 1 frame link

LK has 6 frames of frame advantage on hit
HP has 6 frames of start up
keep in mind that with the 6 frames of start up, the last startup frame is ALSO the first hitting frame.
so startup1 startup2 startup3 startup4 startup5 startup6/hitting6
so, 6 minus 6 is a one frame link

(frame advantage on hit of move A - startup of move B + 1)= # of frames to link

if this is wrong, or not explained clearly someone please correct/add


during a cancel you take the hit-stun of the move and the start-up of the next move. don’t know why the new one doesn’t have the frames of hit/block stun like the old one. that will tell you if you can combo it. that’s why you can’t combo akuma’s fireball from a cr. lp while you can w/ ryu in SF4. cr. lp has 13 hit stun. akuma’s fireball has a start-up of 14 while ryu’s has a 13 frame start-up.

yes, it’s always the last move or else we’d be seeing some crazy stuff. it’s not cumulative.
yes, when linking the ability is determined by frame advantage on hit and the start-up of the next move.
yes, canceling cancels all recovery frames.
the following active frames becomes recovery frames.
simultaneously. they put the frame dis/advantage so that you won’t have to do any math. let’s take ryu’s cr. lp for example:

block stun=10

10 - [7+1(recovery frame cause active frames becomes recovery frame it it’s hit on the first frame)] = 2

and when you look at the frame advantage it’s a +2 on block.

frame dis/advantage is basically just comparing how many frames it takes for you and your opponent to go back to a neutral state. + frames means you go back to neutral before your opponent and get to do your next move before your opponent. - frames means the opposite. your opponent goes back to neutral state before you do and gets to act before you do.

it means how fast a move is. when you’re at a - frame disadvantage is means that your opponent recovers before you. anything 3 frames or more can be consider unsafe quite a few characters have 3 frame jabs. there are a few specials (gief, hawk, etc) supers (gief, akuma, ken, etc) and ultras (gief, hawk, etc.) that are faster, but generally the fastest normals are 3 frames. so take into example gief’s lp green hand. it’s -7 on block. that means that any more that comes out that faster can punish gief it’s you’ve blocked it. try it in training mode. record gief doing a green hand and immediately start holding back. do a reversal after blocking w/ ryu and you’ll see that gief will get hit if it’s a reversal (most of the time even if it’s not cause ryu’s dp has a start-up of 3). another example in SF4 is ken’s hk hurricane kick. it has a -1 on hit. while this doesn’t seem like much if he does on gief w/ a super or ultra then gief can punish him cause gief’s super/ultra is 1 frame. try it in training. record ken doing hk hurricane and hold u/b then do a reversal super/ultra after getting hit w/ gief and you’ll see that ken can’t jump out of it. now do it w/ an EX which gives ken a +1 advantage on hit and you’ll see that ken can jump out of a gief reversal super/ultra on hit.

don’t let frame data do all the thinking cause there’s still things like range, distance, etc. it’s just a small piece that can help. example: akuma’s cr. hk is pretty safe at max range except against a few fast supers even though it’s at -9. reason is because it pushes them back and if you hit them w/ the tip there’s not a lot of moves at that range that is fast enough to punish it.


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In regards to jump frame data, Zangief takes longer to jump at 6 prejump frames and Dhalsim takes shorter at 3 frames to jump. Street Fighter IV - Shoryuken Wiki



I agree, with many of the guys asking for a “How To Learn Frame Data for Dummies”. Lol, Hopefully they could be a video out there!