SSF4 Game Improvements

One way that the creators of SSF4 can do to improve the game is from switching from holding back to block to having a block button to block. Like I think the whole concept is stupid. A block button would make a lot more sense than holding back.

For example alot of people probably already noticed, but theres this weird glitch where if someone were to perform a jump attack a little past your head, if you tried blocking that by holding back, you would get hit!!! This happens because once they switch sides while in mid air, your “block” would switch into you walking right into their attack. This is complete nonsense and I find it to be rather unfair. If there was my suggested block button, you would not have to worry about this glitch. Hopefully capcom takes out this weird glitch or they put a block button in the next game.

You sir, are fucked up.

This section is for new player questions, not game design discussion, and weak troll attempt.

I have to admit, I lol’d pretty hard at the bit about crossups.

Ha… Don’t be too hard on this cat… He might be new to the series and fighting games as a genre and actually feel that way… I remember the first time the AI crossed me up on WW way back in the day. I was PISSED!

His join date is in 2001.

He’s trolling.

This was funny.

when this happened to me for the first time, it quickly occurred to me that holding the other direction would work. OMG CAN YOU SAY [GILL]REVELATION![/GILL]