Ssf4 gaming group

Hey everyone this is hollywood. As we all know ssf4 is just around the corner and everyone probably has their mind made up on the characters they are going to main. The problem is with this new game is there may never be an arcade release. This is a problem for many players because in my opinion the best way to learn a fighting game is vs people, and shy away from online fighting as much as you can. Don’t get me wrong online play helps many players get the basic and there are some who have no other option, but if you ask top players they use the console version for training mode and the arcade to really shine and learn new things. With that said this message mostly goes out to everyone that goes out to chinatown fair, for people like rico swave, auto demon, ryse, kenny, aquaslik and sorry if i forgot anyone else that i know out there. I’m writing this to start up a gaming group like what we have over in chinatown fair every week. I have a nice size game room for about a good 6 people to fit and if more come along we can move everything to the living room. I’m thinking that friday will be best since thats the day we all would go to CF and play, but if people have a better day or want to get in touch with me and figure something else out lets do it. We should try not to let this game bring down the connection we have to the arcade and just evolove it by still getting together and honing our skills together the way the game was meant to be played and not just rely to online play. It would be great if we can set up something to how alex valle does where we make this an every week or bi weekly thing and just get better as players. Lets face it all the top players like andre and sanford are probably thinking the samething and have their own venuse to play, so lets do the same.