SSF4 Garden Grove Casuals

pm for address info. or text/call for directions at 714-468-8782
i live behind near the 22 freeway and car dealerships… like roughly Brookhurst/Trask.

Tuesdays 7:30ish pm - midnight. Will Take place in a garage.

i have class from 6pm-7pm so i rush down from La Mirada. If i hit traffic, but you guys are there waiting, let me know by call.

Only have 1 set up non-HD PS3 … so… for those of you who know me and live near, it will be standard affair. I am lazy to drive real far but I want to play.

Side Advertising… 80 bux for a ps3 1st round Tournament Edition stick with box and in good condition.

I also have a 2nd one just like one described except like a bit less flawless on button faceplate. for that one… 70 bux.

whats up dude. it sounds good to me man. i’ll bring a set up if i can as well

i like garages

yay… lol but i have class monday 6pm-9, thursday 6:30pm-9:30pm, tuesday 6-7pm… Friday i’m busy. Saturdays maybe…but won’t be consistent.

So… If Wednesday is bad idea cuz of those of you who go to Fight night… i could arrange… like 7:30pm ish - like 1-2am. on Tuesday nights. Or be the alternative on Wednesdays.

Free admission… Casuals.

I think for only this wednesday, if anybody was planning on comingby, im gonna go to SCR preview at the Proud Bird.

after that, i don’t wanna travel 30 miles each wednesday after SCR unless we get some carpool going.

planning on coming home afterschool at 7:30pm and onwards to set up if anybody’s interested.

i’m down

lets do this!

Damn school =(

k so i have one set up ps3, non-hd t.v with two sticks. lol… the back yellow/white is lil wonky. rules will probably be 1 match arcade style… even with 3 ppl, its a faster flow of gaming and pressures you to think if you lost.

going to school, see you guys at 7:30 ish.

Edit: lol failed experiment says Tatsu. Was only Him and one friend. haha. and also I suck.

namja you might wanna take off your phone # and address from this thread, beware of natural or humanly disasters

lol i’m a first timer with this event organizing type dealy. i knew it was bad idea but i had no idea who would show up… and it was already day of… so i pm’d but also put it up there.

I got a sledgehammer for home protection lol and my out of shape muay thai body. liver blow? hahah.

and the garage is not really connected to my house house anyhow… i keep that locked.

Anyhow, come out this tuesday if you has time.

Starting up again this tuesday… Experimenting

Some practice games before NCR?

see you tuesday 7:30pm

I’m pretty sure for now you can do it on wednesdays since wnf is taking a break til end of holidays, i think they’re starting up next year. Can anyone confirms?

is anything happening tonight? if there is enough interest i’ll bring a setup

let’s practice up for ncr!

Yeah. I’m coming home tonight 7:30pm… as mentioned on post #13. anybody else showing up Tonight?

Also… minh, are you playing again? and can you only make it wednesdays? cuz i planned on setting it on tuesdays.

and Yeah, Valle repeatedly insisted no more Fight Night for the rest of the Year/Holidays.

actually you can do it for tuesdays now too since dreamlab is closed for ssf4 casuals temporarily.

im gonna come, DT1-Art is gonna come too. im gonna call you!

this place needs a name

a proper, christian name!

St. James’ House of Pain. Book of James 1:2.“My brothers, Consider it joy when you fall into various trials.” LOL sorta rhymes. iono… i don’t care about name… ain’t more straightforward than gg ssf4 casuals.

and to Dj Divine… my house, my rules lol… iono i prefer tuesday unless NOBODY can show up.

If that is case, then I will do wednesday for rest of the year… majority rules.

i don’t really play anymore lols does eugene play anymore?