SSF4 Gen Match-ups & Strategies (Old)

Hm, yea i’m not sure what the deal is with that to be honest. Gouken’s low short is a 5 frame start up which does make his crouch tech pretty bad (like Gen’s in vanilla) but I could still crouch tech in vanilla, even with a bad short. Maybe you’re teching too early? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s possible. I’ll work on it. Thanks.

A friend of mine might be getting some recording stuff and I was planning on making Gen tutorials as well, but I was kinda planning to fill it with the Gen scrub tactics that destroy other scrubs, in hopes that I could introduce a sea of noobs to learn the character (and hopefully get better, in time). Anyone think this is a bad idea? I mean I’m all for the exclusivity of the Gen club here and all, but if I could establish a flowchart Gen, maybe we’d get some more potentially good people messing with the character, because I think a major roadblock for people to use Gen is that he’s so difficult to pick up and play, more so than almost any other character.


I do think it is some what of a bad idea. Why start out with scrub moves? Then you build your reactions and instincts around them… It’s best to know what works best in what situations. Most scrub moves can be used in better ways at better times. So IMO that’s what should be shown. Someone isn’t going to learn how to play good unless they watch good players play. It’s usually the same when you play vs people. You get better when you play vs better players, not scrubs.

Besides, what moves does Gen have that are ‘scrub’ moves? The whole reason that not many people play with him is probably because he doesn’t have any to begin with.

Gekiro? Hell no.
Hands? No way.
Oga? Maybe against total scrubs but…

Gen requires solid footsies, many button presses, and careful spacing due to his shitty health. Nothing flowchartish about him.

I think the only scrub flowchart thing about Gen is his Crane j.MK Cross up spam. People who do it over and over IMO is just scrub. They don’t try anything else really. Faced a few of them.

Rolling half screen away is an excellent tactic if you want to get killed.

lol, actually… That was going to be my starting point. Crane j.MK crossup into light sweep ALONE will probably get a player to C+ rank in online. Then I was going to cover the things that you can just mash the buttons to get them to work, Super into Ultra1 (and Mantis U2), it’s the easiest thing in the world, but everyone thinks it’s so damn impressive. Because of shortcuts it’s really easy to combo a Gekiro after Oga, so I’d drop a few noobtips to make it even easier, and add my advice on the timing, etc.

That sort of stuff, you know. Gen’s got a lot of things that lower level players simply do NOT expect. When you encounter one of the thousands of scrubs online that don’t know how to block, I think it’d be cool if the Gen scrubs that don’t know how to block could destroy them. Then you’d get a bunch of butthurt people trying the character because he’s “cheap” and eventually I’d hope to see some Gen players online. I think it’s similar to what I see in Blanka players really, noob Blankas make everyone angry, and somehow, magically, good Blanka players emerge from the woodworks. (Of course Blanka is more legitimately cheap)

But whatever, I guess it probably wouldn’t work the way I hope anyways.

I think a video on hit confirmation should be made as well if you want to show Crane j.MK, c.Short etc… I see so many Gen’s throw c.short after j.MK was blocked. Do people not see the Big Blue Block Spark?

After reaching B rank yesterday I can safely say Gens got it hard. I played a very good gen the other day with my viper and I knew how to block everything, I beat him really badly even though he was very strong with resets, fadc’s, full Gekiros and all that. It made me sad :frowning:

Anyway, I’ve fully switched to C.Viper starting today, and I don’t think I will be coming back to Gen unless he is patched. I hope some other people will also contribute to this match-up thread and make it a great list in the end. I will still be contributing every once in awhile but since I will not be playing as Gen anymore it will not be as frequent etc.

Good luck to all of you who still main Gen, I couldn’t do it. I enjoy winning far too much.

Thanks for all your work War. Totally appreciate it. I’ll add you to PSN so we can play some matches. My Gen is still I think D lol because I’ve been trying to get my Gen to the top Gen in Canada.

So sad. This board is losing all it’s good players.

I’m not going anywhere, I will still play Gen casually online and contribute as much as I can to this thread. ^^

@ messiah, sure bro add me and we’ll play some games. Hopefully we can still have a decent connection. Sometimes the connection with Americans is pretty decent sometimes it is really horrible, but we’ll see.

Well I’m Canadian and more east than any American State. Although some times vs UK players it can be laggy, I’ve played vs some Deutschland players and it seemed okay.

Edit: Besides the Unincorporated Territory of Puerto Rico. But I’m still closer to your than PR.

Abel and Guile matchup info updated!

Does anyone else feel that they’ve adapted to not having EX Oga invincibility anymore rather quickly?

I used to get kind of stressed out when I was pushed in a corner and bail out if I had the meter, but in ssfiv I just keep calm and do some safe pokes or if they try something EX Gekiro. Speaking of which, EX Gekiro really is a solid reversal now, it reversals pretty much anything if done correctly. Though like all reversals I don’t overdo it due to baiting oppertunities of my opponent.

yea i dont really miss ex oga because ex gekiro replace ti really well and plus it does damage to your opponent and knock down just not reset the whole footsies game.

although it does suck sometimes stuck in the corner.

i just wish we had more meter so that it wont be hard to say maybe i should save it or i should punish with a reversal.

hell na i miss my get out of mind game free card…fuck ex waterfall! thank god i dont main this character anymore

Honestly I think Gen’s worse matchup is with Blanka.

Fought 2 Blanka’s that as soon as they throw me, they use Surprise forward over Gen, I pretty much have to Gen which side Blanka will be on or I eat a cr.Roundhouse. Mixing Electric shock and Throw really shows has weak Gen options are. Most he can do is guess correctly or pretty much mash out an EX Gekiro.

Only time I win against Blanka is when they dont actually use this tactic.

Blanka is basically the only matchup I really do not enjoy. It’s even worse for me when I play with Viper :expressionless:

You might be able to option select his surprise forward ( that’s his forward hop right?). When he hops behind you , you might be able to press lk+lp+ a decent priority normal. If he throws you will tech, electricy wil be beaten by your throw on startup, if not you might win with the normal/trade. I usually just backdash from his shennanigans though.