SSF4 Gen Match-ups & Strategies (Old)

a good blanka is always tough, tho is every opp who can play. you can shut down blanka ball spam when u’ve ultra / super. bait Electricity and beat it with sweep. as for footsies. if he has no back charge, focus! it’s the matchup where i focus the most i think. crane / gekiro is good against jump ins. focus will do also.

I miss EX Oga JUST for the Blanka matchup. I used to LOVE EX Oga in that matchup, but now it’s gone, and that makes me sad. Gekiro being useful is nice though, but I seriously wish there was a use for medium Gekiro, because I just can’t see it. Maybe that’s just me though.

It’s good for Ground to Air. Same with HK. But for now I use HK. Sometimes using MK is good for people who knock you down wait for you to get up and neutral jump to a normal. Like Chun-Li.

a little point on ibuki overhead it is able to combo off it, although you have to be close to it.

that the whole reason why her overhead is slow as it is, because you are able to combo off it.

Just working on Rufus punishes right now. Taking a while since he has different options after the Messiah Kick and some versions have different recovery on block. So I’m doing my best to sort it out. It seems LK and MK versions can be punished the same as well as Hard and EX.

u can’t interupt the first “hits” from messiah if you just block them.
u can interuppt and punish the mk + hk follow up and punish but not interupt lk.
for the start up, you can counter it with gekiro. only ex messiah will beat it, in its start active frames since they have invulnerability.
if they do the move with some space, u can counter any messiah version by by any gekiro version aswell.

dive kick spam would be good if u test that aswell. option select / tech seems the best option for that imo.

Sorry I was talking about Super and Ultra Punishes. If you block LK and MK you can counter if he tries to go for a follow-up. If you block HK or EX the only time you can punish with Super or Ultra from what I’ve tested is if he doesn’t follow-up. If he does Hard Messiah into Flip kick you do not have enough time to punish between the two.

u can use crane super vs hk follow up^^
dunno about ultra.

No worries man I know all the punishes. I’m uploading matches so it’s going super slow since it’s killing my bandwidth. Crane SUper and Ultra 1 can do punish LK and HK follow-ups. You can also use them on reaction vs Messiah Kick before it lands.

EDIT: But thanks for the info. Sorry I didn’t want to sound rude. There is just a lot of coding to make everything neat and easy to follow. Just running behind.

I’ve sent you a writeup on Rufus.

His messiah kick is a bitch, his hk followup is punishable by crane, his low with mantis, and fadc backwards also with mantis super/ultra. But the problem is you will never know :confused:
I feel like Rufus is definately one of Gen’s worst matchup, after playing a friend from srk rufus forums.

EDIT: oops see you’ve already added it never mind haha. Will be working on some more matchup info later today.

Actually some of them are very easy to follow-up on. HK Follow-up there is a huge delay so you can Crane Super very easily, and you have time to put in Mantis Ultra 1 or Super because you actually have to delay it.

I don’t see how it is easy, it will always be a gamble.

The time that it takes for the HK follow-up to hit you, gives to so much time to react.

Well maybe if I suppodly had godlike reflexes like you I would.

I’ve done it before in a match. I did Crane Super when he did his HK follow-up.

Good for you.

Sorry, I was implying that I don’t have god like reactions and it’s very possible for pretty much anyone to do. That’s all.

^yes it is. u can even air grab them with rose or el fuerte.

I don’t have any experience with Rufus vs Gen anyhow, horrible matchup imo.

It is a very bad match-up, was in Vanilla still is. Rufus is one guy you have to keep out until other characters where you want to be in close.