SSF4 - Gouken Practice Tonight 12/30/10


i’ll be on again practicing my gouken on ps3 if anyone wants to join me online. :woot: i’m in some need of massive improvement, and need all the help i can get. all skills welcomed. i’ve only been playing ssf4 for a few days, so im not going to murder your face, lol. if your higher level and want an open invite to a no raging scrubby beat down, this is the night. starting at 7:30pm mountain time, i’ll be on and off till about 12:30am

psn id: O-l-dSk00l, send me an fr.

this game is light years away from cvs2 or tvc so i need people willing to throw down hard, so i can get this thing down.:nunchuck:


gouken practice went well. had an evening with the Don, got totally educated. lots of good stuff going on in training. I will prolly be on tonight again, same bat time same bat channel. anyone can feel free to fr me and i’ll set something up, if im not live already. :smiley:


Gouken practice was a hoot this time around. I’m getting better, but still have a ways to go, join me on ps3 again tonight at 7:30 pm mountain time. O-l-dSk00l psn, i’ll have an endless set up at roughly that time. im also welcoming anyone working on gen, i have a relative working on gen this evening as well.


If you are trying to find more people, try the PSN matchmaking section. The newbie dojo is for gameplay questions.