SSF4 Guile General Discussion Thread

Shouldn’t there be a thread to discuss random guileisms? Just a thought.

Man, I’ve played SSF4 for some time now and I’ve tried many characters. In vanilla, I didn’t have a particular main at first, but I started playing Guile after some while in vanilla, his image just attracted me (no homo).
I wanted a new main in SSF4, since there are many new interesting characters. I like Guy, I like Adon, but they just don’t attract me as much as Guile. I tried to resist playing him since I heard about his buffs and all, and I was afraid everyone would jump in the bandwagon after Daigo playing him etc… BUT WHAT THE FUCK, HERE I AM, READY TO KICK SOME ASS GUILE STYLE, IM BACK FOR MAH MAIN.

Haha, this is my conclusion, I’m back on the character I really like and love his style.

I had the wierdest moment in my entire fighting game history. I was playing with some guy with a good abel. We played some matches, and I got some good experience vs Abel and his mix ups.

Anyhow, in one of our matches, last round, I read through him multiple of times, scored damaged, got that knockdown and chipped him to about 7 % health via Sonic hurricane. He had breathless, I had 1 last EX stock. According to math, breathless can be beaten by EX sonic boom, and his health wont tolerate the extra damage. So he, as I predicted, used the Ultra the same moment I did the EX sonic boom (the meter was gone during the ultra flash) and I heard a focus absorbtion sound. I felt the victory at my grip.

He were at an Abel’s Medium Roll distance when he activated, got hit the first hit of EX sonic boom, and grabbed me!!!

I was like what the heck? how did he pass through the Boom??? I was shocked, I stood still, UnABEL to move a muscle…

A moment of silent, just when I was about to say “Waa?”, I got the trophy “THIS IS MADNESS”. At that moment I thought Guile sent me a massage of him raging against Abel…

Then, before I lost my sanity, I politely left the room and took a rest. I still can not believe these chain of events…

I believe, and I’m not sure about this, that Breathless goes under projectiles from a certain close range. So my guess is he crossed that point the instant of the first boom hit. Who knows though.

My first time playing on CRT at ECT2 over the weekend. I just realized the difference between offline and online play. lol. No wonder so many people hate playing online.

Online is a joke.

lol, now you see why i bitch about it so much.

I agree with Wikum

Yah, it didn’t make it any better when the person I played wanted to be on stream so badly. Put the pressure on me even more. I begged so hard to not be on stream. roflmao.

You JUST realized? Haha, welcome to the club my friend.

Use the match finder forums to find players in your area. A LOT of people play this game. Unless you live in the middle of nowhere, you can make some gamer friends near you and get real-life games in.

I’ve said it a million times: in a game where attacks are as fast as 3 frames, ANY lag is going to make a difference. Playing online made me into a worse player. I am 100% positive. Ever since I gave up playing online to ONLY play real life games with people here in Philadelphia a few days a week after work, my game has improved exponentially.

Online is trash. Yeah, you can learn some stuff, and it can help you improve to a point by learning matchups, but overall its a joke. It messes up your timings really bad and throws the entire feel of the game off. I cant go back, its in-frigging-tolerable.

Yeah, I’ll be in the offline mode more often. First thing I did when I got back was pull up a CRT from my basement. Placing an order for another game console later today.

Edit: I have no excuse for not finding people playing in my area. I live in the New York City Area.

hahahahaha I’ve heard they have some half-decent players in NYC.

Once you go offline, you dont go back, I say.

p.s dont think i forgot what you said about fei. looks like you were right. lol

lol Wikum,

I will be putting a shit ton load of work on both my characters.

How do you do Sonic boom into double flash? whats the input?

:db: (1 second) > :r:+:p: > :hcb::ub:+:k:

So I’m going to my first tourney in 2 weeks (work permitting). Any tips on what I should practice / how to not get psyched out by playing in that atmosphere? It’s not a very big one but still haha.

I was just wondering why you guys think guile is now A Tier
is it just because of the Ultra?

the ultra cant have him jump 3 or 4 tiers.

is it a mix of ultra plus nerfing of others?

or do you think its because of popularity?

to me he seems to play exactly the same and have trouble with all the same things.

btw I always thought he was good

If you really haven’t noticed any differences besides the ultra you need to look harder.

Some key normals and sonic boom got strongly buffed, and since Guile is basically normals + sonic boom…

s.hp nerfed cant really tell
upside down kick?

it might be that all the new chars have a hard time agaisnt him.