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Slinkun, I think I just watched you play against AlucarD (E.Ryu). What made you choose to jump in when you had full health and ERyu 60%ish? He was pretty cornered also, you had sooo much space to work with :(.


Super ambiguous corner HK cross up set up. I’ll post up a video on it later on tonight.

EDIT: It’s so ambiguous that you can cross up and still land in front of your opponent. (a la Ken’s corner lk cross up)


Not sure. Waiting for the replays to go up and figure out when and where I went wrong. I play alucard a lot, and I find that I have to play really stupid unpredictable or he reads me like a book. Although this reference was probably just me playing dumb and being caught in the moment. Woops.


I don’t think that should ever be the answer, haha

Good stuff though. I really liked the double FAD. Eryu’s dive kick seems to be annoying. It would often beat your AAs.


Can someone tell me what uses each version of Sonic boom have for zoning purposes?


Light SB is the main go to move. It’s used for everything in terms of setting up situations, bog standard keep away, combo filling etc. And because of it’s quicker recovery, it’s his safest from of zoning - perfect for setting up baits and reactions and general trolling (they jump over the SB only to be hit by a crouching fierce).

If you’re at full screen, the only reason to use this version instead of any of the others is simply for set-up purposes i.e. you expect them to jump (so you respond with an AA) or something as opposed to chipping them to death/pressure.
Zoning effectiveness: Good at all spaces. Not as useful as a form of long range pressure.

Heavy SB is the one you want to use for screwing the opponent’s mind, especially at say full screen away. Because of it’s sheer speed, it can catch people off guard - so versus Sim, for example, after his FB fizzles out, you would return fire with a heavy instead of a light (assuming you are at full screen).

One of the main purposes of FBs is to give your opponent something to react to - and this is the perfect thing. It’s also really useful for pissing off characters who don’t have an FB either. The major benefit is that even if it completely misses, at full screen you’re relatively safe anyway. So you’ve probably got another one charged and ready for your opponent’s next move (the SB has gone off-screen by this point). You don’t get that safety net with a light sb because if it misses, it won’t have passed the screen by the time you’ve got a charge and are in an even better spot to fire another one off (because the opponent has changed his position).

Outside of combo filling, however, it’s not worth the risk using it in Guile’s usual sweet spot of 3 training room squares because of the recovery. So it’s not as useful for baiting/setting something up. Whilst It can be used for pressure at that range, it carries a big risk of Guile eating a potential combo and ensuing KD/vortex etc.
ZE: Probably the best thing Guile can do at full screen. Main form of long range pressure/zoning/chipping.

EX SB: damage and KD. Here, the tool is designend speficially for damage, making it ideal for combo filling and long range pressure. It is even faster than Heavy SB allowing you to beat other FB’s on start up. I’ve caught so many Shotos with a double helping of EX booms, completely ruining their counter FB game, simply because mine reaches them faster than it takes for theirs to come out. And whilst they’re busy trying to understand the situation, I hit them with another volley.

It has similar draw backs to the heavy variation but it’s speed can sometimes offset this moreso than heavy’s…if you play your cards right. The cost however, is a bar of EX - and sometimes it’s worth spending the meter (i.e. you know damn right this is going to hit them), but sometimes it’s better to use the Heavy SB instead.
ZE: Superior version of Heavy SB. It’s speed boost makes it more useful at ranges you wouldn’t normally use a Heavy SB for. Costs valuable meter.

Medium SB is the in betweener. It has its uses, namely when used in conjunction with light/heavy to put people off their timing in FB wars and sometimes as an Anti Air (or similar situations) where basically a light would be too slow (allowing them to land safely and take chip instead of full or outright avoid it altogether) and a heavy too fast (SB ends up zooming right pass them).

But simply by itself it is very spacing specific because of its recovery - the speed boost doesn’t seem to offset it that much. In some cases, it is better to use Light because you anticipate the opponent jumping/closing distance. In other cases, it’s better to use a heavy since it does the better job than medium anyway (I can’t think of many situation where it would be better to use medium over light or heavy; for instance, if I was at a distance where heavy sb was unsafe, it’d be pretty much the same situation if I was using medium anyway…). I personally don’t find it that useful as a result but that’s just me.
ZE: The sweet spot between light and heavy’s ZE.

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Nice post Pakman!

I sometimes use medium SB’s as combo fillers. Or rather mostly as specific combo fillers.


Hehe thanks man.

Oh that reminds me, you used medium SB’s for your delayed combos right? So guess they do have more use than I thought ;).


Recently found out that Guile can option select a boom on his jump-in. It’s not at all practical, but it’s pretty funny seeing a charge character do something like that.
Dee Jay can get OS sobats this way… except that… it requires frame perfect charging and there’s only a single valid frame where the OS can be inputted.


Still working on this one particular setup and trying to fill it in completely but it’s worth mentioning as I switched it up in the 3rd round and alternated to something another character is infamous for.



I got nothing but disrespect at my local for using Guile and winning. So I went one step further and used Blanka in a tournament, I don’t even play them normally. I should consider using them for rage factor.


I went to the Big Two last week to play and I have no idea what happened but my hands froze. I played about two hours of casuals and I was doing fine but when it came time to the tournament matches I simply froze. Nothing was registering in my mind and my hands were not cooperating. I want to say they were tournament jitters but alas it wasn’t my first time playing in an offline tournament.

I went up against a Juri player and lost 2-1. Then immediately went up against a Sagat player and lost completely. I want to say that I know these two matchups really well but I played like I didn’t know the game at all. I felt extremely upset afterwards and just felt like giving up on the game altogether. Also, no I was not being aggressive either, lol. I need to step back and reevaluate how I play offline.


The Big Two is the big show too, you know? While it might not be your first offline tourney, it’s still the Big Two, and anyone can get some jitters at a well known tournament like that. Just evaluate your play, see what you did wrong, correct it for next time.

Also, sometimes we pride ourselves on matchup knowledge when we forget that it’s just as much about the player. When you look at Sanford and Bonchan, Latif and Wolfkrone, Valle and Daigo, Vangief and Snakeeyes, these guys play their characters differently. That’s why it’s good to go to as many tournaments as possible if you want to get better. You’ll learn a broader spectrum of genuinely solid playstyles and you’ll be able to adapt easier in the future.

Keep at it dude.


I’ll just keep hitting at it @ Next Level until I can transfer my playstyle in accordingly. I also need to keep working on that fake cross up and develop something stronger off of it. It’s too good as I was catching a few people in casuals with it.


Cool to hear Slinkun made it to top 8 at Youmacon Battle Opera. Its cool when you see a guy that really helps the forums with good info get a big break in a major. It gives me hope that SRK isnt just for online warrior know it alls who dont actually get out there.


Ended up getting 5th. I can beat a whole lot of people, but I still get destroyed by the top players.

Got completely bodied by PR rog and iPeru.



Confidence…that’s I what I need. XD


Boxer is a nightmare for Guile if the Boxer player knows how to approach the matchup.


And still, Rog players cry about the matchup and are calling it a 7-3 even 8-2 Guile.


Yah. PR is the poster child for good Rogs obviously. He just mind f&$@ed me and I played like a fraud. I’m super salty, but I still had some moments against him. I was at my best when I would toss a couple booms, then just do nothing. I kept reverting to how I play other Rogs. I’m definitely hungry now though for the first time in a long time.