SSF4 Guile General Discussion Thread

I just got back from ATL Fight Club and S-Kill was there I asked him how Guile’s going to change for AE. I didn’t really get a lot of specifics, but he addressed my questions very well and pretty much confirmed the rumor list for me. Overall I was satisfied with the answer he gave.

(More in-depth with our convo, keep in mind I’m recalling from what happened about 2 hours ago and anything I write isn’t a quote I’m paraphrasing.)
Asking about Guile in general: Seth said he’s really happy with the way Guile turned out for Super; basically he said he’s good but not ridiculous and not a lot will be changing going into AE.

Asking about Boom meter build: Seth confirmed that Guile will be getting less meter from booms in AE. He also went on to talk about how Guile doesn’t just keep up with other fireball characters he straight up beats them in the fireball fight, to which he said that he feels isn’t right so this is what they’re doing to change that.

Asking about damage reduction: Seth didn’t really have much to say on this one; he really didn’t seem sure what to tell me. This could mean Guile won’t see a damage reduction or Seth didn’t know specifically where.

Follow up question asking about Guile High Kick damage specifically: I’ve been thinking Guile will lose damage here since he got a lot of utility with in Super and it leads to some great damage as an anti-air or a punish, and since he didn’t give me a lot to go on I decided to ask further about this move in particular. Seth didn’t confirm any changes to GHK damage or otherwise, he went on to say GHK is a one of the fun tools they don’t want to take away from Guile players.

In short when AE rolls around Guile will still be the character he is now, maybe just slightly weaker. Also S-Kill is a stand up guy, it was an honor to meet him in person. I feel kinda bad that I asked him about Guile changes so quickly, I hope he understands I didn’t mean to just pry for info. :slight_smile:

There will be times where you just don’t have anytime to use c.HP because it has a decent bit of start up frames (Usually after someone jumps a recently thrown boom). In these situations you’ll need a quicker aa normal far s.MK and far s.MP are usually the buttons of choice for this kind of situation. You might also have some luck with close s.HP and c.MP. While c.HP is a very solid move don’t expect it to solve all your problems remember to try out all your aa’s in a variety of situations with friends or in training mode versus the jumping attacks you have the most trouble with.

Here’s a quick list of anti airs to always consider when exploring new territory: c.HP, df HK, far s.MP, far neutral s.MK, lk flash, hk flash (to force a trade into U2/ex boom), U2, and air throw.

There are also a number of moves that can be used every now and then in very specific ways these are usually the very niche aa’s to counter very specific things but not your go-to options: close s.HP, c.MP, c.MK, far s.HP, f HP, close s.HK, and U1.

Also don’t forget about going air to air with normals these are especially useful for breaking your opponents tempo but they carry a good risk as well because when your feet are off the ground you can’t defend until you’re back down. Anyway moves of note in this category are: Angled jump MP, MK and HP; and neutral jumping HP (Also note that this move takes away Guiles lower hittable box allowing you to do silly things such as cleanly beat ex spinning bird kick.

Good stuff to Aeroplane last night for running that streak against all those A ranked players in the endless. What was it? 12 win streak?

If they’re jumping from far away enough (outside backfist range so that the tip of his foot would normally hit you), will stuff/trade Ryu’s Same with s.hp.

I was at a Ranbat session @ Rutgers University (post tournament) and was sparring with a Honda player. He would jump over my lp sonic booms from full screen and I was able to score a far standing HK AA everytime on him. I tried the same far standing HK as an AA on a few characters and it works pretty well, imo.

EDIT 1: Of course, I would move up a tad bit to space the far more accurate as well.


Here’s a closer look at Guile’s far standing normals so you can see what the active hitboxes are on his far AA normals.

Sup guile forum, Im a dudley main and i would really like some practice against guiles. Any guile would mostly due, from lame to rushdown, just as long as you are solid at your playstyle with him. Feel free to add me on XBL (im on everday) and lets get some casuals going in the future. i have a mic so if you have one, that would be great

Far can be used well as an AA if you predict the opponent will empty jump. But it’s dangerous against some characters’ jump arcs which will stuff it. It hits at a lower point of opponent’s jump and it’s useful against Gief’s short jump as it normally won’t get stuffed by him if you do it at max range. The range is deceptive too.

IMO and experience, the best way to use it against Gief is that there is a distance that most Gief like to empty short jump to pressure you as you walk back, and airthrow normally whiffs at that range if he never presses any buttons.

I’ve also tagged Abel, Sagat, Boxer and Ryu’s empty jump with it before. It hits them so late during their jump that most opponents don’t see it coming. But like backfist, you will get heavily punished if they expect it. I think backfist is better as it has faster startup.

IMO, one of the cool things about far is that you can get a charge going whereas the backhand forces you to lose your charge. All in all, both moves are equally good and have their advantages.

Far is good for when you want to move forward while keeping a back charge, but back is going to move you too far. Examples: Setting up chip U2 (if you’re too close you can get punished), spacing someone out in the corner, and slowly inching up in a fireball war (situations where will get hit but will move you forward a little and have enough time to SB).

So, keeping this in mind.

When moving forward…

  1. instead of dashing forward, use b+lk
  2. instead of walking forward, use b+far hk to inch forward.

very good info branh

just saw this. i dont remmeber man. thanks though. also for introducing me to the IRC channel. I meet some good players there.

so there was this guy with this hilarious gamertag… “WannaSlapObama” and… HE USED GUILE LMAO!!! I laughed soooo hard when I saw him choose Guile. I know Guile canon wise is super conservative and dislikes left wing people plus this was played yesterday during the election so it just made it even more funny


^ that Guile was hella painful to watch…

His gamertag should have been backwater country folk don’t block hil hil.

I’ve been looking at the frame data with guile recently to try and come up with some frame traps but I can’t really get any to work. his cr. jab, strong, and short are all either neutral or +1 on block so to me it doesn’t look like there’s a lot to work with like other characters +3 jabs and shorts.

What I’m trying to find out is if there are any frame traps that work for early crouch techs and late crouch techs as I’ve been neglecting this area.

It can really be as easy as something like c.lp > xx boom or c.lp > s.hp to catch early crouch techs. Like you siad, Guile’s light attacks don’t have a whole bunch of block stun attatched. For late techs, I’d say just to hit s.hp a bit later. I think UDK is a little bit too slow to be super useful in this manner. Although you can do it after a heavy jump in for a decent trap that leads into good damage.

Had a set with monsterer last night. Proper one bar connection, we’re talking full seconds of delay here. Interesting to note that when either one of us got the life lead, it was in most cases game over for the other guy. Didn’t realise how hard and time consuming a mirror match with a decent Guile can be and how on point you have to be to win it. Very tough, especially with so much delay.

End result was 5-4 to him. Good games.

yeah man, we ate countless booms that were easy jumps, lol. Also, look at how many target combos I ate as well. they were fun tho.

Lately, I’ve been thinking of my spacing a lot more. Not just my distance from my opponent, but my spacing in relation to the stage as well. Due to this, I’ve realized the importance of pushback on block strings and normals. With Guile, since his mobility is so limited, getting in the corner is a huge problem since you really have to work to get out. Recently, when I look at my meter, I see one bar as a decent price to pay to push my opponent back when I’m a quarter of the stage away from the corner.

I used to think of blocked booms as a waste, but the amount of space they push your opponent back is pretty decent. That space you gain can really save you from bad spots and situations that lead to huge losses of life over a long period of time. One well placed EX Boom can save you tons of potentially lost life and time, which is a fair trade off for one EX bar.

Also, I used to think of blocked jump ins as failures and wastes, but again, now that I think about our spacing within the stage much more now, a blocked jump in into block string ending in boom pushes your opponent back about a fifth of the screen which is a big advantage for you, whether you are pushing your opponent back into the corner or are trying to escape.

Anyone have any other tips for spacing? In your opinion where does Guile want to be? Does he want to be running all the time from corner to corner, keep the fight at mid screen, trap his opponent in the corner?

Apologies for any typos, I wrote this on my iTouche before going to bed.