SSF4 Guile Tutorial Flash Kick Dash FADC Ultra 1



hi guys i am levent i living in japan i want to show my some combos with guile
i hope you like

if you have some question you can ask thx
my psn mortal_levent_jp


love the sb fadc into dash ultra from full screen lol… makes me think I should try sb fadc charge once and a while because people don’t really expect it so soon and might jump


Thanks for sharing, Mortal. The shades -> dash into U1 gave me glee.

Were you having Gief U1 just to show that you can escape it?


Great videos, I didn’t even know you could fadc into ultra 1. Never seen that before, thought for sure you would lose the charge.


thx for all


You can’t do it raw. He’s flash kicking before Zangief Ultra’s then uses the Ultra freeze to charge. Guile is not throwable but still grounded at that time so he can FADC after the flash.


yeah just you can do zangief u1 hawk u1 honda u2 balrog u2 cammy u2 feilong u2 etc etc

you check raund 2


got it…thanks!


Ultra’s that are really useless and will rarely ever see aside from Zangief and T.Hawk.