SSF4 Guy ultra 2


Hi I was wondering how to bring out guy’s ultra2. Right now im just to learn some of guys moves and even though i have the right button presses for the ultra 2 i end up doing the hozanto instead. Is there anything I should be doing different?


Go to practice, set input display on, and make sure you’re pressing the buttons at the same time as the end of the directional input, not earlier or later. For example… Ryu’s Ultra 1 (The Hadouken) it’s 2x QCF plus 3 punches, if you do say… Down, Down-right, Right, Down, Down-right + 3 punches, THEN right, an EX Shoryuken usually comes out. Try to make the 3 punches land on the last directional input part, so you fully finish the motion. I had this problem before.


Exactly what the last poster said; Practice mode with inputs on, and look at what you’re doing. From my personal experience with this motion/ultra, you’re probably not completing the first Half-circle-back. For example, if you do:

F,DF,D,F,DF,D,DB,B+3 Punches you’ll get the EX Hozanto. Not sure if the game will give you a freebie if you do F,DF,D,DB,F,DF,D,DB,B+3 Punches or not, but it’s probably best not to.

Do the motion more slowly until you have a feel for it and then work on doing it more quickly.