SSF4 Help and/or training

Hi I’m a very bad ssf4 player and I was hoping if anyone with knowledge and skill with free time could help me get better and understand the game it would be most appreciate if you have a busy schedule I would gladly work around thank you for anyone who would help me.

Console:Xbox 360
Main Character:Adon
Sec: Chun li but I mostly play with adon so message me on Xbox or friend request, whatever

You’re not bad. You’re just a late bloomer. :tup:

if you wanna get real good most of the stuff you’ll wanna do is on your own. gotta start seeing and using things not many other people know anything about

Look up BoodaSRK on XBL :4) I main Adon as well.

Well I don’t know what to say but thanks for all your replies Guys

Have you tried your characters trials yet?

Also, what in particular do you want to learn? How to use your character better? How to be a better player overall?

I want to be a better player overall and learn how to use my character better.

then start with the things Adon can do that no other char can. find a way to emphasize on those things.

You mean like his jaguar kick huh?.

not sure. what makes jaguar kick different from, say, shoryuken? what makes Adon different from Ryu? gotta think about things like that