Ssf4 help thx for the feedback :D


hi first post on here hello to all, anyway on with the show. so i just picked up ssf4 and its been a wHile since i played vanilla street fighter 4, i mained sakura there but i wanna come in to ssf4 basically as a noobie and pick up someone new i was thinking guy,ibuki or juri. wondering what are your guys thoughts on those chars, some quick pros and cons would be nice thanks all.:razzy:


um goto the guy, ibuki, juri boards and see what you like. and watch this floE = a michigan ibuki


Floe is from Chicago…


haha nice vid thx. i did a bit of research and playtesting and i found guy to my liking so i think i will main him and mabey try to sub ibuki if i have time cause i like her style as well (juri just didnt cut it) thx guys for the help.


Guy = Profound sadness.