SSF4 Hitbox Data

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I’ve looked but haven’t seen anyone make mention of this. This appears to be visual hit frames for every move for every character in the game. Not entirely sure of the source of this, but I’m assuming with this much effort it would have to be legitimate.

The author does request help in converting these into JPEG images. See the readme file.

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I’m glad he encoded them the way he did. Having these in HQ is the way to go. :tup:

Finally finished downloading. Looks great so far! I think a few moves might be missing (back throws, dashes, getting up off the ground), but so far it looks fairly complete. I’m hoping we will be able to dissect these and figure out what everything means. So far, I’m curious about a few things:

  • What on earth are those giant horizontal yellow hitboxes on almost every move? They’re also attached to fireballs. Weird.

  • I wonder how the HP and REACH values for the moves work. I mean, the HP types seem somewhat intuitive. GND makes sense, but I’m surprised LOW, MID, and UP are categorized. I would think the hitboxes would be enough. So, I’m left wondering if those values do something extra inside the engine.

  • Also, I noticed that hitboxes change shape and orientation sometimes. Like, if you look at Akuma’s SR it starts out as a non-rotated box, it then grows to a bigger box, and then changes to a long thin angled box that rotates as he moves up. I’m wondering if these are separate hitboxes being turned on/off or if the size, rotation, and bone a hitbox is linked to is being changed over time. For that matter, I’m just curious if hitboxes have their own rotation or if that’s just a byproduct of being linked to the bones in the skeleton.

Anyone have any thoughts on those things?

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Mask and Claw properties

i think the horizontal boxes = range that forces opponent into block animation?


the bison forum has been discussing these hitboxes for a few days now, please refer to it for general explanations of how the boxes work

might as well inline tony’s stuff, hope he’s cool with it


I’m not surprised. Some moves can’t hit people on the ground even if the hitboxes touch, like Yoga blast and falling sky. Some moves can’t hit people in the air, like Dhalsims c.L/M/HK slides and apparently rolling thunder (You can’t even hit people in the 2nd state of crumple stun with them) . And finally, some moves won’t hit crouchers, like Tatsus, lariat and oil dive.


The black background makes it really hard to see the hitbox outlines.


The videos are raw 60fps. You can count all the individual frames. As far as the Bison ones that I looked at, they are true to the known frame data.


I just did some tests in training mode, and I think you’re right. Good guess!

Great explanation! That makes total sense.

Perhaps. But, on the upside, it’ll make it much easier for people to do frame captures and post-process the stuff. I think it’s really cool that they were able to turn the background, UI, and the other character off. That’s pretty nifty.


This guy got some hitbox videos uploaded for some characters (Makoto, Adon, Gief, Guy, Dudley, Juri, Ibuki).


Hitboxes, finally!


FWIW, these appear to be the same videos from the torrent in youtube form. Just figured I’d mention it in case people are OK with the youtube quality and want to avoid a big download.


What do the small boxes underneath the character represent? I’ve seen yellow, blue and purple, and they move with each other for the most part, but sometimes the yellow and blue splits up. For some moves though all 3 split up.


I’m guessing one of them represents the mid-point, but then what do the others represent?


At first I figured these boxes worked like any other boxes, where you had to touch them, but now I’m not so sure. I did some more testing. This time I used Dhalsims and had him jump straight up and do LK drll at his apex. At this height, I’m pretty sure the yellow box would be high enough to not hit my head, but I was still forced to block if I held back.

Still, the horizontal range does look about right to me. So, I’m thinking maybe those boxes do depict the frames and range of the force block, but they’re just thin to illustrate the range without covering the screen.


this explains a lot.



The following is from this torrent’s README FIRST_IMPORTANT.txt file.


Probably. When dan does an airtaunt superjump, you will still block if he is at the apex of the jump.


If anyone needs free software for frame stepping, you can use this video conversion software called Avidemux.

It’s awesome. I use it for converting my DVD captures for archiving or uploading to youtube. You can also resize, crop, deinterlace, and compress to a number of different formats.

Unfortunately the guy who encoded this used B-frames, so upon opening the file, click no to both of the prompts.

Abel Hitboxes

The hit box data is much more usable in image format. In AVIDEMUX select the start and frames and save as a series of jpeg images. The only problem is that I haven’t found a way to increase the quality of the JPEGS. It’s not bad, but it could be better.


yes, that will be it

finally we can see why Ryu’s FA blocks you so far :slight_smile:


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