SSF4 - how to play full version without windows live


I have the game, but I don’t have internet at home. Is there a way to unlock the full version of the game without going online?


Don’t know if it’s possible to install without internet (assuming you got the game from a legit/non-pirated source), but if it is, you can start the game after installing it and create an offline GFWL account.


I’ve already installed it, just can’t access the full version of the game apparently.

What I really want is access to all the characters. I am thinking of taking my laptop to a library and logging on to windows live there. Will this give me permanent access to the full game or will i need to log on every time?


If you still have your GFWL key, you can use it to activate the game on Steam which will give you the latest version which no longer uses GFWL.


I don’t understand that.

#6 create a steam account download the steam client log into it press activate a product in the steam library tab (its in the bottom right hand corner, it might be named something different I havent been on steam in a while) it should give you the option to enter an activation key this is the code from your gfwl version of the game


How would that help since he doesn’t have internet access?


he said he could go to a public library or something and after its installed it can be played offline what do you propose as a solution, obviously my solution to OP’s post isn’t the best and has issues but I’m not at all familiar with how gfwl works


wasnt the locked features removed later on when SF4 was updated to 2012?

you could download the offline 2012 patch. by applying it, full version is accessible with an offline profile too.