SSF4 in New Berlin, WI - June 5th and 19th


Hey guys, the summer of Street Fighter is starting up again in New Berlin. A great thanks to everyone that came out to my Stonefire Pizza Co. tournaments. We will no longer be playing on a projector television, however cool that might be. We do have a large television that should be very adequate, but I have no objection to people that want to bring whatever those EVO-approved TVs are. The new cite of our tournaments is going to be at Hobbytown at the intersection of National & Moorland. Entrance fee will be $10, $7.50 for the actual entrance and $2.50 for venue. Prize payout will be 70/30 in either a Gamestop card or Hobbytown store credit (good for any collectible gamers out around). We have plenty of available space and there’s lots of restaurants closeby. There’s even a Pick-N-Save in walking distance and we have a (very) small kitchen available.
Tournaments will be held on the first & third Saturdays of June, the 5th and 19th. They will begin at 4:00 PM. I’ll make every effort to have all costumes, colors, and taunts available. We will be using the Xbox 360. I have only one system to use, so I appreciate anyone that would be willing to bring consoles & televisions. Again I will be providing controllers, but I strongly recommend everyone bring their own as I cannot guarantee the quality of mine.

Also featured will be Flash Duel, designed by HDR creator David Sirlin. It’s quick to learn & play, 10-15 minutes for your first game, 5-10 minutes once you know what you’re doing. Its flavor is that of fighters preparing for an upcoming tournament, so both players are attempting to just get one hit, best 3 of 5. Try it out when you have a break from Street Fighter. I’d love to get tournaments going for this game if I can get enough interest.


stone fighters


so is this a monthly thing or just for june? the scene has grown more but we’re probably looking at 12-20 max players showing up. Remember the sf scene in general isn’t big in SE WI. Just giving u a heads up if u r expecting 25+ players to enter. Also is the prize amount predetermined or r u gonna run to the store and get the equivalant of the payout in giftcards? Doesnt state clearly how the prizes r going to be paid out exactly


Sounds good, but I’m not that excited about getting gift cards as payout. Also, the next tourney at The Tracks is tentatively being held on the 5th. I really liked that venue, so I’d be hard pressed to pass up footmeetsskull’s get together. LOL, all of a sudden WI has a scene, wtf.


I will try to work around this so it doesn’t conflict. Last thing I wanna do is take away from either tourney by having 2 on the same day.

  • The host is unwilling to allow cash to be used for a payout citing legal concerns over gambling. I will physically go to a Gamestop and get the gift cards once we know how many people are attending. Other suggestions for potential prizes are welcome, but I figure Gamestop would be the most likely common store.
  • FMS and I are working to see how we can rearrange our schedules around this conflict. I will post updates as they occur. If we get a decent showing, I was hoping to make this a monthly event.
  • When I made tournaments at Stonefire, we got about 8-10 when we could do tournaments. We do have some regulars at the store who often play this and other fighters. Brawl is the more uniting game here, but most of the players are relatively low in skill.


is this still happening?



entry fee should be $10 and be splitted among 1st to 3rd. 70/20/10…venue should just be either at 2 or 3 dollars. game stop is probably the best way, unless there are things in hobbytown that people want, but im sure everyone would just prefer money in their pocket. also, if hobbytown is running this and they’re expecting to pay through store credit then they should be pitching in some what to the pot for store credit also. if it’s hobbytown store credit, it means pretty much they’re pocketing our damn money.

I’ve been to these events in the past. I have to say that it’s because of the lack of interest people put into this that it starts to die out. You have your one timers who come and get beat up and never show up again. You have the ones who want to play but don’t wana pay. Some look at is if I come it’s just like throwing money down the drain. So basically a lot of people have the wrong idea and attitude when it comes to this. You have your regulars, which I have to say back then was only 4 people. Even then it came to a point where everyone just started not showing up.

Don’t get me wrong, this could work. It just really needs everyone to have the right idea about what they get out from it. If you’re a player who’s looking to improve then it’s a great way to meet and play and learn from each other. Then this would be good. But then again, we all could just do that on our own damn time or through online battles now right?

Also…once again not to hate, but these events have been run poorly due to a few situations in the past. Brackets were messed up, schedule changing on the fly, people not showing up, and for those who show up there was no tournaments at times because not enough people. I mean it can’t always be perfect and such. But if it’s a tournament and people come I’m sure everyone is expecting a tournament. So I’m saying something has to happen. It was different back then too cuz it was at stonefires. I mean we paid money to get in, sure you could eat all u want, but there was no tournament. So basically we paid to eat, at the same damn place we been eating for the past 5+ times however we went there. So the food wasn’t changing, people weren’t coming, things just wasn’t happening. So basically, I’m just saying thigns gotta happen or else you’re going to lose the people who come.

I guess I can’t really say much any ways huh, I won’t be able to make it out there on saturdays ne ways. But I hope for all those who goes good luck and I hope something starts up. So when I do find the time I can make it there.


Damn, Va, couldn’t have said it any better.


You are correct on pretty much all counts. I went with a total of $10 to make it easier, but if you guys just want to make it $10 entry + $2 venue, I can probably work that out. If there’s a low turnout and you guys still want to have something going, then I will still let that happen. The one thing I basically cannot budge on is that the owner of the store absolutely will not allow cash prizes to be done for fear of the legal issues. Anything else, if the group wants it, the group will get it. Yes, I’ll also be making sure I have the brackets perfect this time. I was just a mess that other time.

At least this time, I’m not forcing a heavy lag projector television. I don’t care what everyone wants to use. I’ll admit that last time, I got carried away with trying to make it marketable and looking awesome. I’m past that now and just care about people getting together for it. This will happen, no matter what I have to do. If I have to play just one person and drive to Gamestop to get the cards because the store owner won’t allow a cash prize, so be it. My sole responsibilities will be making sure I have the place and keeping it well-organized.


oh yeah the other thing i wanna know is what is the venue fee for? Does this guy normally charge people to play games at his store or is this a special case?


i wanna know too




venue fee should be waived if we get in store credit. also if it is in store credit like i said before the store has to be throwing a certain amount into the prize pool too.


I just wanna know why theres a venue fee if he got to hold this tournament there for free. Not sure but isn’t hobbytown just a store and not a place where get togethers happen?


from what i know hobbytown has a room that people can go and chill to play ccgs,rpgs, whatever the hell it is. so i guess he’s holding it there.

im guessing theres a venue fee because the store wants something out of it. cuz if we were card players maybe there be a chance of us buying cards lol i know this sounds weird n shit too. but umm yeah cuz usually ppl just go there to chill and im sure they don’t say anything. it’s not like they can force ur ass to buy some shit. thats what i think…if that made sense hahaha

also, munny u play on 360? if so im always looking for someone new to play n stuff. GT is electricgodfist.



yeah i do. ill add you on


Off topic, but I can I get in on that 360 love too, Munny?


yeah. i dont really play sf4 but yeah ill add u. in fact i really dont play games anymore but it’ll be fun to play with u guys once in awhile


looks like i cant make it. My bros “cultural” wedding is saturday so i cant make this. Good luck u guys