[SSF4] Is Ibuki a Poor Choice for a First Character?

Let me preface this by saying that I have virtually no experience with fighting games. I’ve been watching tutorial videos and getting a handle on the terminology, but I’ve probably put around 5-6 hours into the game total.

I’m sorry if this is too opinionated of a topic, but is there anything nearing a consensus on whether Ibuki is a decent choice for a beginner? I’m learning the game alongside a couple friends, if I lag behind I’d rather it be my own lack of ability than my playing a more mechanically challenging character. They’re playing Cammie/Makato/Dhalsim at the moment, with my focus on Ibuki. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer someone who is incredibly bad at Street Fighter.

Edit: Specified SSF4.

A poster had a not dissimilar question about a month ago. You might find a lot of the responses helpful.

It really doesn´t matter which character you pick first. Just pick someone you like and feel comfortable with. Depending on your choice of character though, it can take you a while before you see the light at the end of the tunnel. Ibuki is a technical character, so you will have to invest some time Here is a nice guide to get you started Ibuki Player Guide (book).
And here is the link for the guide :

I’d hate to go against what others have said but I’d say yes, she is a bad choice for a beginner.

I’d elaborate but since your new I don’t think it would matter. Personally I’d choose one of the following -


Why? Easy combo’s, easy execution, easy frame traps, good anti airs, good footsie’s, good walk speed.

Play who you find is fun , if you choose someone like the people said above ^^^ and you don’t like them you wont enjoy the game . If ibuki is who you like then putting in all the effort will be easier than someone you dislike. However she has quite a high learning curve , so if you ever feel like you’re getting nowhere stick with it and it will eventually pay off! Hope this helped! :slight_smile:

I would say, play the character you want to play and want to get good with !!!

Yes its true, you will find easier success at the beginning with other characters, but once you understand the basics of the game and learn the combos and setups of your character along with hours of played matches, you will be glad to have sticked with the character you like.

GOOD characters for beginners are always the Characters with SAFE! Moves. Because beginners are bad, this is sad truth in teh world, beginners will mash and repeat to mash unsafe special moves, they will get punished for it but dont learn from it and repeat spamming unsafe moves. You have to learn to play with your normals, a lot of beginners are playing characters only with their special moves along with jump HK sweep combos. So pick a character with safe specials which cant be punished on block (or at leastd not that easy), so Bison (lk sissors), Balrog (lp dash straight), Guile (sonic boom) or adon is a decent choise, they all have also good buttons (pokes).
But as mentioned play the character you like, your friends are also playing quite hard character with ibuki and dhalsim (ok cammy is a nobrainer), so you will be fine with ibuki.

Where is this question coming from? thats 4-5 times in the last month or so. Is someone in the Ibuki forum telling people not to pick her first? There are a number of technical characters in SF4, but the thread is always about Ibuki. There is something statistically off here.

Everyone wanna jump on that Sako/vortex bandwagon lol

Go with ibuki, there is an amazing comprehensive online guide available for her. Why waste your precious time learning an easier character, when you can be using that time to further your ability with the character you actually want to end up playing?

Go with who feels right then bust your ass to learn everything you can about them. Ibuki is technical and will not be an overnight success. But as goes with most characters, the loyalty will eventually pay itself off. You could pick up someone a little more balanced/easier to ‘learn’ the game with, such as a Ryu…but I agree with Blufang, learn your characer and get on with it.

Ibuki is fine because she has easy combos AND hard combos. Her s.lp s.mk is like a 4 frame link, and leads to a knockdown. You probably won’t be able to do a lot of the high-damage stuff but Ibuki has great footsie tools (b.mp, s.mk, df.mk, cr.mk, etcetera). Her kunai crossup offense isn’t too hard, it’s just timing and practice.

Don’t fret too much about stuff like super jump cancel U2 or her 1 frame links off spin kicks.

Just don’t become the average online Ibuki where all you do is jump back kunai, random surprise low neckbreaker, and wakeup EX DP.

Her best anti-air is b.mp. If you cancel it into her command dash you can do a little combo off of it.

If he doesn’t win and can’t remember set ups , he won’t enjoy the game either and he’ll be back in here with another thread about how he can’t win or start an offence.

I don’t really subscribe to the “play who you like theory” if it’s someone who has no experience with fighting games. It’s easier and quicker to improve with a character that covers a broader range of techniques than one that will involve (for a newbie) throwing kuni’s on every wake up and mashing some buttons when you land or throwing out full screen neck breakers.

Watch out for your Cammy playing friend, she too good… If he gets on your case cause he’s beating you a lot just remind him how easy mode cammy is… You have to be really good just to beat your average B cammy player… Lol
And Dhalsim well he’s just annoying… But I Play Yun/Ken so he’s not really a problem match up wise…

lean more than one character at a time, even as a beginner. Just alternate days :slight_smile:

It seems like a trend of late to tell folks to play whatever character they like, even if the person being given this “advice” has no prior experience with fighting games. (Similar to this is telling folks to play whatever game they like. Hey, more power to ya but there’s obvious consequences to picking an obscure game versus one that the majority are acquainted with; and the lifeblood of any competitive game is the amount of competition available.)

I know the rationale behind telling folks to play whomever they want: idea being that most characters can all be played in a basic manner, up to a point. Yeah, Ibuki can play the footsie game, and a beginner doesn’t have to have her more technical stuff down, yet. But the fact remains Ibuki is designed to be a character that focuses on getting a knockdown and executing her post knockdown setups. Footsies and simplified combos alone won’t really cut it with this character. Since a beginner to fighting games is going to have to learn spacing, footsies, and stick to simpler combos characters like Guile, Ryu, and Bison would be the most ideal starting characters since these characters can get the most mileage from learning and playing to these core aspects (i.e. their gameplan doesn’t necessarily require the player to be familiar with post knockdown setups to win; and this way, a beginner can take things step at a time and focus on learning proper fundamentals first without the distractions).

The fact is for a person with no prior experience with fighting games, there are characters that would be better left avoided and there are characters that are more suitable at an entry level. It’s not a death sentence, you’re not stuck having to play Ryu for life, you can change to a character to one of your choosing after progress is made, but people sure react as if character choice is permanent.

Ibuki is all about vortexs, and that’s the very thing which most people absolutely detest in SF4. In fact lots of people absolutely hate her and think she’s one of the most BS character in the game, despite there not being a lot of strong Ibuki players as she has a steep learning curve. As far as teaching you the fundamentals of SF4 and fighting games in general she’s a terrible choice, so unless you are a huge Ibuki fan I don’t think she’s a good choice for a first character.

I’d wouldn’t go with Ibuki straight up if you have little fighting game experience. I’d try learning characters with easier execution first. Once you understand the mechanics of the game (not just the character), then start changing it up. Play with everyone and try them out, this helps you build on your knowledge of each character and you’ll learn a thing or two about what they can and can’t do. From that you can apply that to whoever you’ll main and will serve as an advantage to beating those who pick those characters.

As long as you really stick with it and work your ass off to learn stuff, no character is bad for a beginner. Expect maybe Gen.
This is from someone who’s very first character ever was Juri in Super. I unknowingly set myself a somewhat steep learning curve :stuck_out_tongue:
One of my friends is actually learning Ibuki in the same light as you right now, but he’s very casual so he doesn’t really progress. Just practice everyday and you’ll get there.

Ibuki has really good footsies too… it’s not like he’s playing Seth.

And besides, instead of telling him to play Ryu or Guile instead of Ibuki, you could just tell him to pick up one of those characters on the side.