Ssf4 + justin wong + chun-li = ??



hey chun-li category,

i am jus’ curious as to whether anyone has seen videos of justin wong playing chun-li in ssf4, if not; does anyone have any anecdotal evidence as to why he does not play her- or is it purely down to evo moment #37? does justin wong play chun-li in 3s anymore?

if so, please link/tell me how to find.

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He’s mentioned in several interviews that he tried to play Chun early on, but didn’t like the charge aspect of her and just moved on.


Justin played Chun in 3rd Strike because she was god tier in that game.


she is pretty demonic in 3rd strike, that standing fierce sound she made was akin on qi levels to the sho-ryuuuuuu-kennn! on balrog[claw] in sfii-victory

MrAnnual; can you recall what interviews they were? i feel there is some special insight to be had

thanks for the replies guys; i’ll just throw this out there in case you know: kofxiii gold-23.99, kofxii with dlc pass-15.99+5.49 on psn= what to buy.? i read someone who said the dlc pass does not unlock the ex characters, and also most of the dlc is unlockable in-game . . .

can someone adress these queries with any prior knowledge?


No-one plays KOF 12 anymore

KOF 13 is only worth it if you have offline competition/someone to play with. The online is pretty miserable, going by reviews.


What’s wrong with that?

In any case he plays a bit of chun in St he doesn’t play chun in sf4 because lol tiers


i meant kofxiii, my mistake.

i would have thought someone of his calibre could at least give some time to his old favourites though, in certain match-ups and even preliminaries, but utterly no videos? this is woe.

i thought gen was utter dire tier, yet xian plays him to a competitive level- it would be class if people roleplay’d games a tad more, rather than considering tiers and such

also, where can i get some videos of vesperarcade[the specific individual, i know they are a group also] vs. people
and, is anyone known to enter tournaments with random select?

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Justin played Chun in Vanilla a little.

I dunno what you mean by role play, but im not paying an entry fee to goof around, I want to win, so Im only picking a character that im good with.


He was in Vanilla/Super actually, if you didn’t learn HHS loops and the other gimmicks you’d be left in the dust. AE/v2012 helps him quite a bit, mostly the target combos to upkicks.

He’s still mid tier though because he has some really hard matchups. But as Xian and other good Gen players have shown, no life lead is safe from Gen because of Super --> U1 combo.

Tier gaps (and how much they matter) differ from game to game too. In some games it’s ok to use lower tiers, in other games it’s high tier or bust. That’s just how it goes.


Justin actually likes Chun-Li as a character, but doesn’t like charge characters, which is why he played (and I believe still uses) Chun-Li in SFxT. In that game the aspect of charging is less significant, especially for her fireball as a zoning tool.

I think if Chun were made exclusively a motion character with no charge involved, Justin would play her.


SnakeAes, i hear what you are saying in regards to chun-li’s input history, however; justin does play balrog/boxer, who is mainly charge- i thought the guy had some love for chun-li is my main point: that maybe he had an inner chun-li, that he focused into her gameplay- i feel like he has had an abortion almost.[triggered in my mind by -sorry to harp on- the evo moment.]

Necrotrophic- i thought you played chun-li though, i.e. you don’t play cammy/fei long/akuma, but a somewhat lower tier due to your loyalty[which i would symbolically call roleplay, based on what rl player and vr character are going through: dat feel, and connection] toward chun-li{ah, lol just read your sig}~ is it a case, -for you, then-, of having characters that are good vs. certain matchups and all forthewin? you’ve got the footsies with chun-li, the sturdy ryu, vortex akuma and high pressure cammy- don’t take this as a negative critique, or rudeness; i am curious.

4neqs- so would you say that tier is not as applicable in ssf4 as in other games?[with xian taking low tier gen to heights]

tl;dr -i am waiting for dan to win evo/major . . . FFFAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! : ‘’’’’’’’ [


I dont have character loyalty. It just so happens that Chun li fits my play style in every game shes in. I am more focused on footsies and stuff than I am anything else.

I play Ryu, because hes another character that just clicks with me.

Akuma, because I decided that I need to accept the meta-game of SF4.

Cammy because shes fun.

The way I view characters isnt through personality, but play styles. If SF5 dropped tomorrow, I would pick a character that helps me play “me” given the game system. Ryu is a zoner, he isnt the guy struggling with Satsui no Hado, Chun li is about footsies and strong supers, she isnt a cop or whatever etc


yeah, i definately feel you on the clickability and play style.

chun-li IS the strongest woman in the world, though.

have you tried your hand with dhalsim?


the thing is gen is far from being low tier and far from being broken.

there are some characters in this game that havent being explored that much tbh. You can see that by looking tier list in the main thread of loltierlist


I honestly don’t believe the Daigo Full Parry has anything to do with whether or not Justin plays Chun-Li. I know Justin and have met him and spoken with him several times, and to be honest I don’t think he’s the type of person to stay hung up on what happened in one match a long time ago. Do you really think a player of Justin’s caliber would avoid a character simply because he was made to look stupid for making a poor decision, in one round of one match, which took place 9 years ago? I think for a person to honestly think and believe that really discredits Justin’s ability and mindset.

I know a lot of people don’t like Justin Wong for whatever reason, and I’m not a big fan either, but to think Justin is that petty that he’d avoid a character for that reason just seems foolish. No offense to you, but I am 100% positive that you’re wrong in that regard. Further proof that he doesn’t dislike Chun-Li is on his twitter from back when SFxT still meant something (clicky).

Yes, Justin plays Balrog (sort of), but Balrog is a lot different from Chun, and the way he plays Balrog suits his style - in a manner that I don’t believe Chun would.


a lot of people have been saying (myself included) that Gen is secret top tier, and I think he will be getting more explored now.

The more setups you can find in this game, the better off the character is really. Added bonus if your setups include option selects.


and unblockables/vortex


SnakeAes- well argued, i like your points about sfxt particularly; however, to drop a character doesn’t need to be a petty instance, maybe they are not getting that connection- it does not need to be negatively interpretated: though i hear you from the justin haters comment,
it saddened me somewhat to hear of the abuse daigo was apparently getting when he came to america for the sfzero 3 tournament, and also the tribalistic behaviour displayed by emp arcadia in the king of chinatown documentary. but i hear ya, i will have to have a good look at justin’s sfxt videos to get dat feel again.

round-up question, how do peeps judge[and whom does judge] the tier lists? surely it was obvious with gen’s broad move repertoire that he was not the lowest, and more to the point this begs the question of why there should be high>low concepts anyhoo.


it used to be pure statistics, but now is opinions and more opinions


I wonder if Capcom has internal use data regarding every match ever played online using which characters, and has compiled their own purely mathematical tier list. I bet they probably could, if they wanted.