SSF4 League Register here!

League is f0r reall!!!

Since the Dojo Sessioons were a success , I’m looking fOr even more support for this…

Get at me ASAP!!!


Soon…maybe the next couple weeKs at least…

For the 4 v 4 I was thinkin of a Gouken squad of 4…

Singles tbh as well… This is still in its infancy and is not set in stone… I need ur input.

Ok, I’ll put some thought into it…

I think we need a head count of who wants in, before diving into all the details and shit, but we definitely must include first to 7 and first to 10 for the singles. The 4 v 4 should be easy enough with Team Battle.

i most def. want in but idk if i can my xbl has expired and we just switched to comcast so after spring break which should be march 15 i will most def be on xbl but i still have my psn…whenever i get my wireless router from comcast…p.s verizon is soo much better in my opinion hope to play with u guys again soon

I could join although it really depends on time. Plus im moving into my new apartment this upcoming saturday and I will finally have my own internet and not worry about people downloading crap or streaming while im playing lol.

But I work 3:30pm- 12:00am So its hard for me to join any events you guys do >_>

Takin, count me in bro. You KNOW I’m for wanting to represent the SHIN SHO DOJO along with the old man users. Let me know!


Sure, I’m down, just let me know when =)

im still new to gouken, but i would like participate if possible!

I assume this is xbl only?

I dont have ssf4 at the mo. bro borrowed it for a bit.

I get another fightpad on in a couple days so I should be back at full power on friday.

Sorry for the double post, but I want in. Should have included that.

Need t0 spread the word thru out to everyone …all characters as this is a league, I’m lookin at mar 19th as the start and it will continue x amt of days…

To all my folks in the forum let’s do this!!! Spread the word pleeeeeeease!!

well up for this, my connec flapped it last time i tried to fight with you guys so it might be touch and go, your all american right?

Iam !!!clean yo mailbox and holla at me asap!!!

:china: I’m clean now… hit me!

Hey Takin,

Keep me updated. I’ll be out of town on the 19th, but always enjoy playin street using Gouk.

Later Clinic

you should ask for this to be moved to the main forum.

Obviously I’m down though.

moderator!!! can this be moved to the main forum please!!!111