SSF4 Makoto- Increasing karakusa range/question

Is it possible to kara cancel light kick into ex karakusa?

Oh and tech romancer etc- I know there’s a Makoto section, I’ll be in there asap, captain obvious. kkthxbye. This is a question section, and I ask questions here, so sorry that I am using this forum section correctly. Oh and to those who are going to make a moronic comment on that, bite me.

I’m confused, you acknowledge that you know there’s a makoto section and that you’re going to go there…

but you insist on making thread. I don’t even?

You can ask questions in the Makoto section. Do that instead of trying to be edgy and cool. Because, in reality, you’re dumb, you see. Dumb.

I would tell you to let that sink in, but frankly I’m not sure if you’re capable of that at this point.

this was essentially back up. now fuck off.

Newbie Saikyo dojo isn’t about helping people. Members are just using it as a means to be lazy. They want everyone to do everything for them. Haven’t you noticed that?

Earlier today someone did it. Yesterday someone did it and now TNB is doing it. NSD=I don’t want to do it myself.

Personally I think it’s an asshole thing to do. This is pretty much giving a big FUCK YOU to the admins/mods/contributing members who put in the work so that they could help people.

it’s like you’re trying to get banned (again)

Guys TNB sent me hateful comments, I feel threatened D: