SSF4 Makoto Thread: Return of the Mak!



Our favorite screamer made the cut into SSFIV. Makoto army assemble, it’s time to choke some bitches. :lovin:

Official Bio

What we know so far:

Ultra I - [media=youtube]uYwrk9MaXu0"[/media] (SA1 in 3S)

Ultra II - [media=youtube]Uy4oPGqZmZI"[/media] (SA2 in 3S)

Super - [media=youtube]_zY1WGnnlLk#t=1m27s"[/media] (SA3 in 3S)

Gameplay Demonstration - [media=youtube]AU_AaoyQnhg"[/media] (leaves much to be desired…)

Confirmed Combo (courtesy of Mr. Gotch) - Karakusa xx S.Fierce xx Hayate xx Super xx Ultra

All of her specials (Karakusa, Hayate, Oroshi, etc.) are still present. However, all of their exact properties are still somewhat up in the air in relation to their 3S incarnations. Also, based upon the Makoto vs Ibuki footage, Makoto’s dash still seems have kept it’s speed. As far as new moves, she’s gained a focus attack (duh) and Karakusa has gained an EX version. Although, it’s unknown as to exactly what it guarantees. Makoto can also now block during her Tanden Renki super.

She appears to be shaping up pretty decently so far. Granted, the amount of confirmations are limited so a lot of things are still up in the air. Time will tell how our favorite strangler fairs in SSFIV.

Edit: Oroshi has been officially confirmed to be her armour breaker

Videos, trailers & pics - Famitsu Scan - more Famitsu scans - Character Screenshots - Makoto looking pissed - Makoto, doing what she does best (proof of Tanden Renki?) - Karakusa? - Makoto’s Alt costume
[media=youtube]_zY1WGnnlLk[/media] - First Trailer reveal - command list Image

I think I may have missed a few things, but thanks to ShinobiBrown for compiling the initial list :tup:


little girls havent been strangling enough people lately.


It’s a shame Mak & Dudley only get a picture each, and Ibuki gets most of the spread : (

Still, at least now we can have a decent discussion and speculate to our hearts content


I still think the thread should be called “Guess right twice and you win”


can you change the title to something other than “return of the mak”?



I’m sniff I’m sofa_king happy right now!


I will attempt to make Makoto my new main.


he has a makoto avatar and a 5 star makoto thread.
you have a complaint.
return of the mak it is!


She’ll get her own spread soon enough.

Except that only applies to her SF3 form. SSF4 damage scaling is gonna squelch any such quick wins over here.


surely there is 2 more pages, with the art and a spread for the other 2?


Has anyone ever referred to Makoto as Mak? If it needs shortening (It doesn’t) it sounds better as Mako, if you ask me.


Curious what they’ll roll out for her super vs. her ultras. Any guesses?

And given the input windows of 3S vs. SFIV… will the command grab still be as dominant?


Awww, you guys are no fun :crybaby:

Very well I’ll see if I can change it to Sh33p’s suggestion…

Edit: lol or not? I’m so conflicted


Maybe. What we can tell from the lone screenshot so far is it looks like she’s doing a cinematic beatdown on Dan incorporating a knee attack, which makes it look like SA-II is a confirmed ultra.





I am so relieved. I probably lost years of my life worrying.

Now I have to make a new avatar.


The Ultra animation in Famitsu looks like SAII.

I’m sure that each character will be getting their own spread.


Agreed. Return of the Mak makes no fucking sense. Or at least it does, but it sounds like shit.


as pointed out by the guy in the other makoto thread, abare is probably her ultra because of the camera view. also she still has meter so it can’t be a super.

wonder what makoto will look like in a game that has thus far failed at clothing physics… snowpants makoto ftl.



Also I prefer guess right twice to Abel’s guess right 6 times, guess wrong at massive consequence.