SSF4 new wall bounce system

Since the wall bouncing system is coming to ssf4, I was wondering how you would take advantage of this?can I get some examples of combos people are thinking of using this system?

I thought only certain characters had the Wall Bounce capability. Juri is the only character I can think of right now that has it. I never really saw it as a new system of it’s own, unless a lot of characters (if not all) can perform it. And you already know how to take advantage of it; just follow up with more combos, lol.

Maybe Juri’s EX dive kicks to Ultra? Or her EX “Pinwheel” attack. Depends on if it’ll all connect. shrug I hope I can connect a s. jab/strong or c. jab/strong for mix-ups. That’d be a nice tool to have in meh arsenal.

It’s really hard to say, because there hasn’t been a lot of info on what moves let you wallbounce. One character we know who can is Gouken, so it would be: Denjin Ultra (bounces), HP/Ex Palm

If both hits of the EX Palm connect, that could be nasty. He’s got some mean corner combos that start with that. Even just the HK Tatsu for a followup does big damage, but that’s the tip of the iceberg. Denjin -> EX Palm -> delayed EX hado ->HK Tatsu… Wonder if the Super can juggle off it…