[SSF4] Newegg Wanfest - sponsored by Intel

Sorry if this is a repost!
Registration Close: June 26 @ 8pm CST

When: Beings 6/28/2010 - Ends 7/11/2010

Where: Xbox Live

1st - $500
2nd - $200
3rd - $100

Entry Fee: Free to enter

Would like to add this is only open for citizens of USA and Canada.

Would like to say something about this New-Egg tournament, IT IS BULL FUCKING SHIT.
This is the second time i had received a loss for your tourneys when clearly i have never lost. I open a ticket with proof, and what do you guys do; you close it. Is this the way that your company wants to run tournaments and promote the website.

P.S. i love it when the player who beat me supposedly had no proof and said i used balrog and lost 0-2. (i only play SIM)

Oh almost forgot and when i message the player (SPARK IT) some random guy on west coast, he says “its my option to play you. I’m just trying to meet good players and move on in the bracket” All i can say is I hope to see you at my pool in EVO.

Adnan that crap happened to me. I messaged the guy to set up a time to play and he never showed. So they marked it as a loss. This was in Vanilla sf4. They need a East coast only tourney and a west coast only tourney.

Fortunately for me, I had the luck of resolving an issue, kind of. I won my first match and got moved up in the bracket. My next match, the two players never played, I had to send in a support ticket, and somehow the “lower seed” still won even though it clearly states in the rules that the HIGHER SEED always wins in case of a no show from both players. Whatever.

Hopefully my NEXT opponent shows up today.

P.S. Hello Adnan. We have played a few games on XBL before, haha.

Yes, I closed the current ticket adnan. This is my first time being the admin for SF4 so I don’t know what happened to you beforehand. I was the T6 admin from the last Newegg tournament.

Your match with SPARK IT was to be played at 6/29 8:00 CDT time. He reported a forfeit win 15 minutes afterward. His comments about the win stated “Opponent was a no show.” In a real life scenario its similar to being DQ’d after not being present for a match.

Your ticket came in TWO DAYS later stating that you didn’t lose and that’s it. If you had proof that you were online at the time or even if you had wrote a ticket beforehand stating you needed to reschedule that would have been cool. I replied on the ticket that if you can play the match that I would take the results.

In all the cases I’ve seen previously where forfeits have been given and a player disputes it they come to an agreement to play it out. He wrote a ticket after you did stating he felt it wasn’t fair to play you since he was present at the time. I told him the sporting thing to do was to play the match but left the option up to him. SPARK IT decided to be a dick and keep the forfeit.

The higher seed was given the win. The higher seed is determined by the number they are listed on the bracket. The person with the lower number is the higher seed.

guess i was wrong to assume that the person placed above the other person is the higher seed. i could’ve sworn i read that in the rules, but i guess i’m wrong. in any event, the player that was supposed to play me today has still not contact me back. hopefully he’ll get back to me soon. i dont want to keep winning by forfeit, but whatever.

Exact same thing happened to me. I kept trying to invite my opponent, and he ignores me so I go to report the forfiet win, and he did it already. No help in their IRC channel and the ticket was closed without anything. What a terrible way to run a tourney, online or not.

Try playing your matches early to solve problems like this. Message your opponent way before the match is supposed to be played and play it early. I’m about to be in semi’s in my bracket.

Dude, you’re going to be playing me =P. I sent you a message through XBL. Tried adding you but your friend list was full. PM me.

No doubt man. I sent you a message just now. I won’t be home today so I will have to play you at a different location “Praying the internet is good”. Goodluck in the match.

Shag, I’m sure you know a lot of us will be leaving for EVO this weekend. How should I coordinate with my opponents? I noticed that as of right now, they haven’t reported anything yet, so I don’t have any contact information to let them know that I will be gone for the weekend. Also, there are matches that are supposed to be scheduled for today but I may not be able to play them either. What should I do?

haha, I registered for this and just checked and found out I had a match scheduled last week. wish they sent an email or something lol

This doesn’t help shady people who report fake forfeit wins.

Shag I made it out of my bracket. Is top 8 going to be double elim?

The finals are usually played in a double elim bracket but I can’t guarantee that right now.

So when is top 8 matches supposted to happen?

Double elim matches for the final 8 are scheduled to start tonight. If you can’t play tonight please write up a support ticket and let staff know so we can reschedule.