SSF4 - NORTHEAST THROWDOWN - Kittery Maine - June 20th - CASH PRIZES

Hello Everyone,

I am running a Super Street Fighter 4 Tourney on June 20th at 12:00 (noon). This falls on a Sunday. Tournament will be hosted at the following Location.

Play On Fun Center

506 U.S. 1
Kittery, ME 03904
(207) 439-7529

Entry/Pot Fee Will be $20.00 - 5$ for Entry and 15$ goes towards the pot. The pot will be split 70/20/10

Best of 3 Matches

Standard Rounds

Double Elimination (Losers Bracket)

Running on XBOX 360 Console - Bring Your Own Arcade Stick / Paddle

32 Person Max

I will be running this tourney on 2 XBOX’s. One for the first bracket, one for the losers bracket.
This venue has a restaurant, a bar, mini-golf course, and batting cages and a pool hall
incase you are looking for something to do during the downtime.
Budweiser will be on sale if you are 21+ - $2.00 Drafts :lovin:

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email me at or just reply to the post. Hope to see you there!

Thanks again!
dreadl0000rd :rofl:

I am down for going to this.

i’d be down for this, so long as it isn’t the same weekend as road to EVO in NYC.

I’m up for it if I can find a stick for 360. I assume it’s bring your own control?

I honestly dont know when the road to EVO is haha so I couldnt tell you that. Its the 20th which is a Sunday. Hope to see you guys there will be sick.

Yeah man it is BYOC. If you cant find a fight stick or whatnight you can use mine like last time.

oh wow, my hometown.

id like to show for this, work schedule pending

Yeah man try your best to make it. Bring anyone you can too. More people, better the prizes

i had a few questions mainly concerning the 20$ entry fee? How much is the tourney fee / how much goes to the pot?

usually entry fee and tourney fee are posted separately so people know how much goes to the prize pot. also i assume it will be a 70/20/10 split for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd but you should list this with the post to clarify the details of the tourney.

gs for getting something going in maine though

Sup dread, as you know I will be attending this and I am going to go ahead and say that one or both Mr JB and KillSwitchVigil are most likely down for this. But twenty bucks is steep, so I am also curious about what xCPx was saying. I imagine its costs alot to run a tournment at such a nice venue, so just curious of the breakdown of the 20.

Also, I know we Maine players are pretty terrible at the moment and we are lacking the community size of other states, but I think it would be rad to have some sort of Maine v NH v Mass gatherings sometime, be it team tourneys or like game night invasions. But thats OT. Gonna start some study sessions in preparation for this!

Hey man, glad you got back to me. It will be 70 20 10, and all money coming in after i pay for the area to use will be going into the pot. Im hoping to get a good size turnout so the pot is really good. Got about 10 kids confirmed so far.
Any other questions man let me know.

Ok basically this is the run down. This place is costing me 100 dollars to use the area which im gonna try to negotiate today. This area includes 2 xbox 360s so I could run the tourney fast. As of right now I have 14 people who would like to come. 14 people at 20 dollars an entry fee is 280 dollars. As I said im gonna try to get them to lower the price for me to use this area. At this rate its looking like 220 dollars to split up for the pot.

if you’re going to charge 20$ a head, you should be doing 5$ venue fee and a 15$ pot fee. I’m sure there’s more than 14 people interested. We could probably generate some hype around our area (MA/RI) and get some players to car pool and travel if it’s setup the way i mentioned.

Hey man, Anyone you can get to come up from other states would be really awesome. If everyone agrees that 5 for entry fee and 15 for pot fee is fair then we will stick to those guns. I just want the prize pot to be worth it for players to come up from all over.

Yo dreadl0000rd, I just got confirmation that I will not have to work 6/20. I’ll be there for sure man!

Good shit homie

yeah, im gonna do my best to clear my schedule for this day. should we be showing up right at noon or some bit early?

Glad to hear it man. Tourney starts at 12 but I will be there at 10 setting up and getting ready. Anyone is more than welcome to show up early and just get some casuals in. No problem with that.

ill be going to this

Nice, bring anyone you can man.